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Weekly Updates!

We are a Peanut-Free Classroom.

Since we do have some severe peanut allergies in our class and in the middle school, to help keep everyone safe, I ask students to not eat foods that contain peanuts in our classroom. As a precaution, I also ask that students who bring in other nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc. to also save those for lunch and to not eat them in the classroom due to the possibility of unknown cross contamination. I check students' snacks each day in the morning before snack time as well, and if I am not 100% sure that there are no peanuts in them, I kindly ask students to put it back in their lunch boxes and save it for the lunch room. Thank you for your cooperation and work in helping keep all of our students safe!

4 Day Weekend!

We're down to just 14 days of school left until summer! The kids had a great time stepping up to middle school yesterday morning for Ste-Up day. They learned more about who their teachers are going to be, as well as get an idea of what their schedule is going to look like. Mrs. Heuberger and Mrs. Stuckart also introduced the leadership application process. If students are interested in applying to be part of the middle school leadership team, they will need to submit an application to myself for approval. The leadership representatives for sixth grade will be chosen before the end of the school year.

In ELA, we have been working on drafting an essay for our state research reports. This coming week, students will be typing a final draft and begin working on a Google Slides presentation to go along with their t-shirt posters for the presentation portion of the project. The t-shirt posters will be due this coming Friday, May 31st. If you finish them earlier in the week, feel free to start bringing them in.

In Science, we did a mini-lesson on gravity to relate back to our study of the planets in our Solar System, because gravity is what holds us all together, and what holds the planets in orbit around the sun. The students collected data on the effects of gravity on an object falling from different distances, and made a hypothesis based on that data about what they think may happen if they were to change one of the variables in the experiment.

In Social Studies, we are continuing our study of the 13 colonies with an interactive Nearpod lesson! Students learned about different types of colonial forts, as well as the different reasons behind why the colonies were established. We will be wrapping up the year with a study of the beginning of the Revolutionary War, and the struggle for American independence from Great Britain.

In Religion, we are wrapping up our study of the Sacraments with a final activity about the sacrament of Matrimony, as well as a discussion about the importance of the family as the domestic church. Students drew out their own families inside of a church to symbolize the importance of our families to the continuation of the church. Next week, students will be taking a quiz on the seven Sacraments to show what they have learned about these important rites of our faith.

I hope you all en

STAR Testing Weeks

Hi everyone! As you all know, the final STAR testing window is upon us. Students took their ELA STAR test yesterday morning, and will be taking their math STAR test on Tuesday morning during math class. Please continue to make sure that students are coming to school well-rested and having eaten breakfast, especially on the days that they will be testing.

In ELA, students finished up the research portion of our State research project. We will begin the rough draft process, as well as working on putting together a bibliography with all the sources that they used to get information from. Continue to remind students that they will also need to have their T-Shirt posters completed by May 31st.

In Religion this week, we had the Family Life talk where we discussed puberty and God's plan for reproduction. As a follow-up to this, I would encourage families to continue the conversation at home, and to answer any questions that your students may have on the topic. Next week, we will be finishing up our study on the Sacraments with a discussion about Matrimony and the important role that families play in the church.

In Science, we started creating posters that show what the four outer planets of the Solar System are, as well as explaining some of the new knowledge that has been acquired throughout our study of the Solar System.

In Social Studies, we are continuing our mini-unit on the 13 colonies with a Google Drive project about the three regions of the original 13 colonies. Next week, we will be continuing with a fun, interactive Nearpod.com activity on the topic!

Only 19 more days until summer! Have a great weekend!

Week 34 Update

May 9, 2019

Can you believe that we only have 25 days left in the school year?! This year has just flown by, and it's crazy to think that we are in the home stretch. As we wrap up the year, we will be completing one last large ELA project - a state research project. Today in class, students each selected a U.S. state to research, and tomorrow in ELA, we will begin the research process where students will gather information to then be compiled into a five paragraph essay all about their state. Along with research and writing in class, students also have a take-home element to this project. As a visual representation of their state, students will need to design a t-shirt shaped poster to display things that represent their states. These posters will be due in class on May 31st. They will be part of their oral presentations that will happen in June after they have finished their research papers. All the work for these posters must be done at home - I will not be giving time in class to complete them. I have attached photos below of some examples of what their posters may look like. I have also attached a PDF with the project directions on it. Parts 1 and 2 will be done at school - part 3 is the only one that needs to be done at home.

To go along with their state research projects, in Social Studies, we will be doing a mini-unit all about the original 13 colonies and about what lead them to declare war on Great Britain and become their own country.Today we began with a scavenger hunt around the classroom to identify what the original 13 colonies were, and to learn a bit about why people started those colonies.

In Religion, we are continuing our study of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Students will be writing their own Prayers for Vocation as we learn more about the different types of religious vocations that will be available to them as they get older.

In Science, we will be continuing our study of the Solar System by adding onto our models with the Outer Planets! Look out for those beautiful creations to come.

Our class will be leading mass this Wednesday the 15th of May! This will be our class' last mass for the year, so I hope to see many of you there celebrating mass with us!

We have also been working on a special gift for Mother's Day this weekend! Be sure to keep an eye out for it this Sunday (; Have a great weekend!

T shirt Poster Example.pdf

BizTown and May Crowning Week

May 2, 2019

We have been busy in fifth grade this week! We started out the week with our trip to BizTown. The kids had and AMAZING day running the town of BizTown and did a fantastic job with all of their individual job requirements, as well as managing their personal finances and their time throughout the day. Immediately afterwards, they were asking if we could go back next year! In case you are interested, JA BizTown does offer summer camps. Just visit https://jaorswwa.org/event/ja-biztown-summer-camp to find out more information. Below, I have attached a few of the photos Mrs. Bailey and I took of the kids throughout the day.

In ELA this week, we are editing and refining the rough drafts of our Famous American reports, as well as beginning to type a final draft. Final drafts will be due next Tuesday at the end of students' morning ELA block. We also completed our fifth Lit Circle meeting today! I love seeing them engage in discussions about the books they are reading together.

In Science, we finished up our Inner Planets Solar System models! They are on display outside of our classroom if you would like to take a peek at them when you are at school this week. Next week, we will be continuing with the Solar System by looking into the four outer planets of our Solar System.

In Religion, we are continuing our study of the Sacraments by learning about the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Students created a "Priest Wanted Ad" in Google Drawings that describes all the requirements and responsibilities that come with being a Priest, as well as some qualities that men who are seeking the Priesthood would be likely to have.

Tomorrow is May Crowning and Grandparent's Day! The day will begin with a procession from the classroom to the Mary Garden to present flowers to Mary. Then, we will be going over to the church for mass to celebrate the Crowning of Mary with our grandparents. Following mass, students and grandparents are invited to visit classrooms and enjoy spending time with their students. At 10:20 in the gym, there will be a music program to showcase what students have been working on in music class this semester. Immediately following the concert will be cookies and juice in the cafeteria, with students being dismissed at 11:00 am. Students are invited to bring flowers to present to Mary on our procession. Please have students wear their mass polos tomorrow as well.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the BizTown photos!

BizTown Prep Week!

April 25, 2019

I can't believe our BizTown field trip is almost here!! We will be going this Monday, April 29th up to Junior Achievement's BizTown in just four short days! I am sending home a paper tomorrow with several reminders about the day. The first being that students will need to bring a lunch in a disposable bag, and label it with their name and the business in which they will be working. The second reminder is that students will have a non-uniform day that day, but they will need to dress up a little nicer than they normally would for a non-uniform day. Specifically, JA BizTown asks that students not wear jeans or shorts or sweatpants. Lastly, students no longer have to be at school early that day - our start time was pushed to begin later, so we will be boarding the bus right after morning announcements. Also, I need a video/photography release form for each student to have on file with JA BizTown, so please bring that in either tomorrow or the morning of the field trip.

In ELA, we have been writing rough drafts for our Famous American essays. They should have them finished up in class by tomorrow, so if they are not completed, they will need to take them home and finish them over the weekend. We also have our fourth Literature Circle meetings tomorrow.

In Science, we are continuing to work on our models of the inner planets of the Solar System. They are coming along great so far!

In Religion, we wrapped up our study of the Sacraments of Healing by creating posters with the prayers of Anointing that the priest says during the Rite to give to those who will be receiving the sacrament. Their posters are beautiful and will mean so much to those being Anointed.

Hope to see many of you at the Auction this Saturday! Have a great weekend!

Easter Break!

April 18, 2019

Hi room 13 families! Holy Week is upon us, which means that Easter is this weekend! There is no school on Good Friday or on Monday April 22nd for accreditation work day for teachers. Enjoy your long weekend!

In ELA this week, we wrapped up our research and began planning out our Famous American research essays. We also had our third Literature Circle group meeting this morning. I love seeing the kids get so into their group discussions of their books they are reading together!

In Social Studies, we have been preparing for our upcoming field trip to BizTown by preparing business loans and calculating business costs. Next week, we will be preparing advertisements for their businesses and making sure all the proper paperwork is ready for our visit! Another note about the visit day itself, April 29, students no longer have to be at school by 7:00 am - students can arrive at normal time, 7:45. We will be loading the bus and heading out after morning announcements.

In Science, we are continuing to build models of the four inner planets of the Solar System! The kids worked hard on them today, and should be done by next week. We will then talk about how the four outer planets differ from the four inner planets, and then we will add them to their pre-existing models.

In Religion, we are continuing our study of the Sacraments by focusing on the Anointing of the Sick. We also had some fun prayer partner time this afternoon where the Kinders taught our fifth graders about the Resurrection Story using the Resurrection Eggs that they put together in class! Our fifth graders were so impressed by their buddies' knowledge!

A reminder about the Auction and raffle tickets from Katie Schumacher: Auction Raffle Tickets are on sale in the main office or are available by contacting tickets@rsmauction.org. Tickets are $50 each or buy 2 get 1 free. Your family earns one service hour for every $50 ticket sold!

Have a great long weekend, and a Happy Easter! You can also enjoy some photos from our prayer partner time this afternoon!

Week 30 Update

April 11, 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! We had some exciting things happen in class this week. On Tuesday of this week, Mrs. Bailey and myself conducted job interviews for the six businesses that we will be staffing at BizTown. Mrs. Bailey and I were both so impressed by the quality of answers that students had for questions that were asked of them, and of their interview skills in general. Based on those interviews, she and I both decided upon staffing for each business, and the kids were all offered a job on Wednesday morning. Next week, we will begin the preparation lessons where students will be learning about all the things that go into running and managing a successful business.

In ELA, we began our first of two research reports that students will be completing before the end of the year. The first one will be about a Famous American of their choosing. All the research and writing will be done in class, but if students choose to take it home, they will be allowed to do so. This week, we are just focusing on researching the person and gathering as much information from as many sources as we can. Next week, we will begin crafting a rough draft of the report. We are also continuing to read for our Literature Circle meetings that will take place tomorrow morning during ELA. Students will need to prepare for the meeting by reading their chosen book's assigned pages for the week, as well as completing their Lit Circle Role Sheets that were assigned on Monday.

In Science, we are picking up our study of the Solar System by putting together a simple model of the our inner planets of the Solar System. Later on, we will be adding the four outer planets of our Solar System to it.

In Religion, we wrapped up our study on Reconciliation with a scripture reading activity and a Penance reflection. Next week, we will be beginning the other Sacrament of Healing, Anointing of the Sick. Also coming up tomorrow are the Living Stations. Eighth grade will be performing them at 2 pm and 6 pm tomorrow in the church.

Have a great weekend!

Week 29 Update

April 4, 2019

Hi room 13 families, I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing spring break! This week, we are diving back into school with our focus being on controlling the excessive talking that tends to start up in the spring. We had a conversation about ways that we can positively reign in side conversations before they start. I will also be making some changes to our classroom management system to help us all be as successful throughout the rest of the year as we can be. I will keep you updated on those changes as they come.

In ELA this week, we are starting Literature Circles, or as I like to call them, "Lit Circles." Kids were broken up into six small groups and got to decide themselves what book they wanted to read as a group from a list of available age-appropriate books. They also had to come up with a plan to be able to finish the book by June 7th, the last Friday before the last week of school. Along with reading a set of chapters/pages for the week, students will also be required to complete a Lit Circle Job Sheet that has them do different tasks related to the book to prepare for Lit Circle meetings that happen on Fridays. Lit Circles will be in lieu of a novel study like we have done previously throughout the year. We will be having our first meetings this Friday during our ELA block.

To prepare for our upcoming trip to BizTown, students filled out a job application for their preferred jobs in BizTown. If you would like to see what jobs our kids will be filling, I have attached a PDF with job descriptions. Next week, Mrs. Bailey and I will be conducting job interviews to make the final decisions on hiring and staffing for the BizTown businesses. Students will also be doing mock interviews in class the day before to prepare.

In Religion, we started our new Sacraments unit on the Sacraments of Healing, with our first focus being Penance and Reconciliation. We had our Lenten Penance service this morning, and next week, we will be diving into what the Scriptures say about forgiveness and Reconciliation. Our class is also leading the Stations of the Cross tomorrow afternoon at 1:30. I hope to see many of you there!

Also a reminder to BizTown volunteers who have not completed their online training to do so ASAP and to let me know when you have completed it. Thank you again for stepping up and volunteering!

Have a great weekend!

classifieds (1).pdf

Happy Spring Break!

March 21, 2019

Hi room 13 families! I apologize for not posting last week, it just slipped through the cracks with everything else going on. I hope everyone has had a great start to their spring break! I am praying for safe travels for those of you who are traveling for the break. There is no homework choice board for students over break - they will get a new one the Friday that we return from break. When we get back, we will also be starting Literature Circles in ELA, which means that each reading group will be picking a book to read as a group, and then having to complete activities to prepare for a weekly Lit Circle meeting that usually happen on Fridays. We will also be preparing to apply for our JA BizTown job applications that week! The following week will be when Mrs. Bailey and myself will be interviewing each student for the job that they apply to in JA BizTown. We will also be picking up again with our study of the Sacraments by focusing on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Our schoolwide Lenten Penance Service will also be taking place the week we return on Thursday April 4th at 9:30 am in the church. Also happening the Friday of that week, April 5th, will be our class' turn to lead the Stations of the Cross. I hope to see many of you there to support our faith community!

As many of you are aware, Eli Silbernagel was involved in a dirt biking accident over the weekend, and sustained a pretty serious neck injury. Please join me in offering extra prayers for Eli and his family this spring break, that he recovers quickly and that he regains his strength soon.

I hope you all have a restful, wonderful spring break!! See you all on Monday April 1st!

Week 26 Update

March 7, 2019

Hi room 13 families! It's been nice this week to finally feel like we have had a normal week. Tomorrow is the funeral for Andrea Hilton, and if you would like to take your fifth grader to the funeral, feel more than free to do so. We unfortunately will not be able to attend as a whole class. Because of the funeral, we will have a different late morning/afternoon schedule. Lunch will be at 11:50 for us instead of 11:40, and will go until 12:15. Lunch recess will then be from 12:15 until 12:40, and we will go to PE afterwards like normal on Fridays. Tomorrow we will also have the Stations of the Cross lead by third grade at 1 PM in the church. Our class will be leading the Stations of the Cross on April 5th, the Friday after we get back from Spring Break. You are all more than welcome to join us!

Next Thursday, March 14th, we will be celebrating our Spirit Flag Award win with a comfy clothing or pajamas non-uniform day for our class, as well as watching the movie Hotel Transylvania 3 and eating popcorn from the STAR cinema. Please make sure that you have signed the movie waiver that I sent home yesterday, as students who do not bring one back by next Thursday will not be allowed to watch the movie.

We started some of the work this week that we need to do to prepare to go to BizTown on April 29th! We have been learning about checking and savings accounts, as well as how to write a check, and balance a check book register. I also sent home the permission slip as well as request for volunteers. Thank you so much to the twelve parents that have stepped up to go with us! You will need to complete an hour long online training before we go. I emailed it out this afternoon, but I have also included the link below in case you lose/delete the email. In science, we continued our study of the Solar System by doing a lab that had kids modeling how the Sun seems so much bigger and brighter to us because it is so much closer to us. In ELA, we are wrapping up our persuasive writing unit by presenting a Superbowl commercial that the kids have written, planned, and put together. We will also be finishing up our second novel study with a Learning Menu/Choice Board activity where students will show me how well they understood the book they have read. Next week, we will again take a Reading and Math STAR test, so be sure your students come to school well-rested and have eaten a healthy breakfast.

Just a quick reminder that our class is on for mass next Wednesday! Hope to see you all there! Have a great weekend!

Link for BizTown volunteer training: https://imeet.com/meeting_minutes/transcripts/ee338368b09263602f2e88a10b9ab1d6aa4f2c16

Snow Days and More Snow Days...

February 28, 2019

What a crazy week it has been weather-wise! I hope you all enjoyed our two snow days! Since we were not in school on Wednesday, we have decided to reschedule the Student of the Month assembly for Friday morning right after announcements, so if you would like to come join us you are more than welcome to! Also due to the crazy schedule, I have decided to push back the due date for this week's novel study pages and chapters to next Friday, so there are no novel study pages due tomorrow. The weekly choice board is still due tomorrow.

I am also asking for your help for a science activity next week! I do not have a good class set of flashlights, and I would like to do a lab activity next week that relates to our study of the Sun and the Solar System, so I am asking students to bring in a flashlight from home by next Tuesday so that everyone is able to do the lab, instead of having small groups do it with poor working flashlights. If you have one sitting around at home, please send it to school with your student by next Tuesday.

Also coming home soon will be a handout with information about our upcoming trip to BizTown! We will need between 8 and 12 parent volunteers to go with us, and BizTown asks all parent volunteers for this field trip to go through a brief online training before we go. I will need to have all my volunteers planned and ready to go about three weeks before we go on the trip, which will take place on April 29th. If you are interested in being a volunteer for this awesome field trip, please let me know ASAP, either via email or by the information sheet I will be sending out soon.

Also mark your calendars, our class will be doing mass on March 13th, and leading the Stations of the Cross on April 5th. Hope to see you all there!

Have a great weekend!

4-Day Weekend!

February 21, 2019

I hope you all had a great 4-day weekend this weekend! We are wrapping up our science unit on Earth systems this week, and next week we will be starting a unit on the Solar System. We will also be wrapping up our Native Americans unit this coming week, as we will begin shifting our focus towards preparing for our field trip to BizTown at the end of April! I will be sending out information about BizTown, as well as an interested volunteer form soon, so be sure to look out for it! We also finished up our Child Protection Unit this week, and continued our study of the Sacraments by reading about the Eucharist and all the parts of the mass. In ELA, we talked about commercials and advertisements as a form of persuasive writing, and we analyzed some of this year's Super Bowl commercials to see if we can figure out what advertising technique was being used. Students will begin story boarding and writing a script for their own Super Bowl commercials next week!

Here are some reminders about things that are happening soon:

  • Spring Concert solo auditions are Friday February 22nd after school
  • 4th/5th Grade Soccer Club will meet after school every Thursday for the next eight weeks. Sign-ups are in the office.
  • Our next class mass will be Wednesday March 13th

Have a great weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day room 13 families! We had a great day sharing Valentine's and celebrating the 100th day of school with our Prayer Partners! The kids all had to do different fitness activities 100 times, which was perfect for running off all that Valentine's Day sugar. In ELA this week, we are finishing up our second opinion essay on whether we think reading and math should be integrated into PE. Students are practicing understanding main ideas of informational text, as well as citing evidence from a source in their opinion essays. In social studies, we are focusing on the Native Americans of the Great Plains by reading about the legend of the Dream Catcher and making ones ourselves. In religion, we are continuing our study of the Sacraments by focusing on the sacrament of the Eucharist this week. In Science, we are wrapping up our unit on the Earth, and soon we will be moving on to study the Solar System.

Remember there's no school Monday for President's Day and no school Tuesday for staff development. Have a great long weekend!

Hooray, a Snow Day!

February 7, 2019

Happy almost Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the unexpected snow day on Tuesday, I know I did! This week in ELA, we are continuing to work on our next opinion essays, where they have to explain why or why not it would be a good idea to build reading and math activities into PE. In science, we put the finishing touches on our dioramas! Feel free to come see them out in the hallway next time you stop by school. In social studies, we are continuing our study of the Great Plains Native Americans, and in religion, we are continuing our discussion about Confirmation with a fun art project about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We also took the ACRE test this week, which is a test for fifth, eighth, and eleventh graders

Mrs. Davis wants me to pass on a few Youtube links to you so that the students can hear the songs they will be performing in the spring concert. They will be singing A Million Dreams and The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman. If you get the chance, please have the kids listen to the songs to really get them into their brains.

A Million Dreams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zc6WXPAXvA

The Greatest Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8qX6nniotE

RSM Family night is happening tomorrow at the Regis varsity basketball games! In celebration, tomorrow will be a non-uniform day, with a Blue-Green-Gold spirit theme! Hope to see you all there! Have a great weekend!

Catholic Schools Week!

January 31, 2019

We have had so much fun in school this week! Catholic Schools Week has been a great opportunity for us to celebrate all that we love about going to Catholic school, and give thanks for the wonderful gift of Catholic education. We had fun at lunch on Monday and Tuesday with Minute to Win It games and class relays at lunch, along with some extra prayer partner time in the afternoon. We packed homeless care kits which will be available for families to take home and pass out beginning Monday. They can be found up at the front office. We finished off the week with an awesome talent show where our very own Zachary Flett played the piano! It truly was a great Catholic Schools Week.

In ELA, we started working on preparing to write our next opinion essay. The topic will be whether kids think that reading and math skills should be taught in PE or not, with a focus on citing evidence from a text(s) to support their opinions. In religion, we are continuing our study of the sacraments, and we talked today about the sacrament of Confirmation. We discussed the similarities and differences it has with Baptism, and we focused on the symbols and signs that make the sacraments unique. In science, we finished building our dioramas of ecosystems to represent all the different spheres of earth! The kids did a great job and they loved the opportunity to be creative and put a model together. Below are some photos of the finished products.

Mrs. Schott the Spanish teacher also wanted me to pass on a message. She sent home in an envelope a heart with a note in it explaining that if you would like to send your child a Valentine's note to be displayed in the Spanish classroom, please write it on a heart and send it back to school in the envelope. You can continue to send them back to school next week and they will be up in the Spanish room for your child to read for Valentine's Day!

Have a great weekend!

Happy Long Weekend!

January 24, 2019

Hi families! We had a very productive, short week this week in fifth grade. Students in ELA are continuing to read their novel study books for reading groups, and are doing lots of work along the way to supplement what they are reading and challenge their thinking on different topics surrounding the books they are reading. In Religion, we are starting to dive in on our study of the Sacraments, starting with Baptism this week. We are also continuing our Child Protection Unit lessons, and I would encourage our families to be continuing those discussions at home about how to keep yourselves safe when unsafe situations may present themselves. We also are continuing our study of Earth systems, and we started thinking about how we could redesign our previously made Earth models to better show the four spheres of Earth. Next week, we will begin building those models. I told teams that if they wanted to bring materials from home, such as shoe boxes, clay, plastic figures, etc, then they could do so. We made plans for how we will go about building those models as well, and we will begin building those models in class this Wednesday. I am excited to see how they will turn out!

Catholic Schools Week is also coming up this week! Monday is Mustache Monday, which means students can wear a fake mustache to school that day, but it is still a uniform dress day for students. We will also be doing Minute to Win It games at lunch that day, and writing about what we love about going to Catholic school. Tuesday is a non uniform day for students, and the theme is workout clothes, because we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! (Please no leggings or tight fitting yoga pants, unless worn underneath something else.) We will also be packing homeless care packages to keep in your car, so please keep sending in those needed toiletry items. Wednesday is a joint mass with Regis, so please come join us to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! Two of our students will be reading at mass, and they would love to see you come support our wonderful school. Thursday is the Talent Show along with our Student of the Month assembly. These will both take place back-to-back beginning at 10:20 in the gym. Thursday is also a non-uniform day with the theme being Crazy Dress, so come in your wildest, brightest outfit! It should be a fun week!

Have a great long weekend!

Week 18 Update

Hi everyone! This week has been a great week! We have had lots of things going on, and the kids have been working hard through it all. In ELA, we are finishing up our first opinion essays. The kids wrote about what book they would recommend to a friend to read, and three reasons why they would recommend that book. We are also digging deeper into our new novels that we started last week. Also, one quick note about next week's novel study: since the week is shorter, and I know many families are traveling for the long weekends, I am only requiring the Understanding the Story and Chapter Summary pages to be completed, as well as having the pages read. Students will also have the chance to complete these pages in class, but I wanted to ease some stress that comes along with this time of year. Also in ELA next Tuesday, we will be taking the STAR reading test again. Its important students come to school that morning alert and ready to do their best, so please make sure they get a good night's sleep the night before, and eat a quality breakfast that morning. In Science and Social Studies, we are continuing our studies of Native American tribes, as well as our study of the four different spheres of Earth. In Religion, we are starting our unit of study on the Sacraments. The kids did a great job today presenting their sacramental items that they brought from home! I loved hearing all the stories they had to tell about why they received them or where they had been before/who they belonged to before.

In other school news, Catholic Schools Week is coming up soon! On Thursday of that week, we will be having a talent show along with our Student of the Month assembly! If your child would like to perform in the talent show, have them submit an audition form to me to let me know they would like to participate, and auditions will be held after school on Tuesday January 22nd to determine who will be participating. Please let either myself or Mrs. Bishop know if you have any other questions.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Thursday!

January 10, 2019

Happy Thursday room 13! We have had a great week this week! We finished our models of Earth in science, and we are continuing to research more about the different Native American tribes of the Southwest in social studies. We are also working on writing an opinion essay, focusing on how to persuade someone to read a book we would recommend. We also started our new novel studies in reading groups. Some groups are reading the novel Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli, while others are reading Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins. The kids are already loving both books!

Catholic Schools Week is coming up soon! Our school-wide service project that week will be to pack homeless care kits, so we will be accepting donations for items to go into those kits the weeks prior. Our class is responsible for small toiletries, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, etc. Please have your students bring them into their homeroom teachers. We will also be having a talent show that week! If your student would like to audition to be a part of the talent show, have them ask their homeroom teacher for an audition form and then return it by January 18th. Auditions will be held after school on January 22nd.

Just a quick reminder that our class is on for mass next Wednesday the 16th.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome Back!

January 3, 2019

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a restful, relaxing Christmas break! We are just jumping back in to things, and we are getting started on some fun projects and activities this week. In science, we are working on making a model of Earth, and in social studies we are continuing our study of Native American tribes with a mini-unit on the Southwest Native Americans. Next week, we will be starting up our next novel studies in reading groups, as well as starting some opinion writing. Lots of fun things happening!

Missi Vaughn, one of the auction coordinators is still looking for someone to be the chair for our class auction project. This is a great way to help be involved in one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and create something special that will last a lifetime! Contact myself or Missi Vaughn at class.projects@rsmauction.org if you are interested.

Also mark your calendars for Wednesday January 16th, as that is when our class is on for mass again!

Have a great weekend!

Christmas Concert Success!

December 14, 2018

What a beautiful Christmas concert we had last night! I loved seeing you all there to support our students as they told the story of Jesus' birth. It went smoothly and the students all sang beautifully. Thank you for all your support!

In class this week, we have been finishing up some projects that we have been working on throughout the month of December. We were working on putting together totem poles to represent our personalities, and we built 3-D paper snowflakes to help decorate the classroom and ring in the Christmas season. We have been writing about Christmas traditions from around the world, and the kids have been having a great time researching all the unique ways people from different places celebrate the holiday season. We have also been learning all about Angels, and how each of us has a guardian angel. Students wrote beautiful prayers to their guardian angels this week on their homework!

Just a reminder that next Wednesday is a half day, and there will be no lunch or after school care that day. It will also be a non-uniform day! Students should dress in their best Christmas Cheer, but please no Christmas pajamas, as we will still be going to mass that morning. We will also be having a Christmas party that day! We will be doing a white elephant gift exchange, eating holiday snacks/treats, and watching a Christmas movie! If your child would like to participate in the gift exchange, please have them bring a wrapped gift that either a boy or girl would enjoy receiving. And if you would like to bring in treats to share, please let me know in advance, so I know how much food to expect that day. Please also remember to keep them peanut-free. I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas as a class next week!

Missi Vaughn, one of our wonderful auction chairs is looking for someone to be our classroom project coordinator for our auction item, and she has asked me to pass the message along. This is a wonderful way to help support the auction, as the class projects are often some of the biggest fundraising items at the auction. Please email her at class.projects@rsmauction.org if you are interested.

Have a great weekend!

Spirit Flag Winners!

Our class won the spirit award this month for being respectful to authority figures! Which means as a reward, we will be watching the film adaptation of the book Holes which we read as a read aloud earlier this year. Remember to get those permission slips in! We will also be eating donut holes to go along with the theme of the movie!

Next Thursday is the Christmas concert! Be sure to meet in the classroom no later than 6:15 dressed in your Christmas best. Non-uniform guidelines will need to be followed. The concert will begin at 6:30 and go for about an hour. The following Monday December 17th there will be a caroling in the neighborhood event followed by cider and cookies in the cafeteria. Meet in the choir room at 5 pm.

Info about our Christmas party and White Elephant gift exchange went home in homework folders this week. If your child would like to participate, please bring a wrapped gift that either a boy or girl would enjoy to school on Wednesday December 19th. That day is also a non uniform day! Come dressed in your Christmas Crazy, but please no Christmas pajamas as we still have mass that morning. After the gift exchange, we will be sharing Christmas treats and watching a Christmas movie. If you would like to bring some treats to share with the class, feel free, but please remember to keep it peanut-free. I am so excited to celebrate Christmas as a classroom community!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a blessed, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by family and friends! Due to Thanksgiving weekend, I did not assign a choice board for this week to give everyone a restful weekend free of homework. I will be sending one home tomorrow that will be due next Friday, the 7th of December.

Also just a reminder that the Green Sale is happening this weekend! The fifth graders made beautiful snowflake Christmas ornaments. Mass Choir will be singing tomorrow evening from 5:15 - 5:45.

The Christmas Concert is coming up soon as well. It will be taking place in the church this year on the evening of Thursday December 13th. Students will need to be in the classroom by 6 pm, and the concert will start in the church at 6:30. If you have a battery-powered candle, please bring it to the concert, as the last song will be sung by candlelight. Have students wear their Christmas Best.

Other December reminders:

  • Student of the Month assembly Monday December 3rd at 2:20 in the gym.
  • On the evening of Monday December 17th, Mrs. Davis is hosting an evening of caroling around the neighborhood! It goes from 5-7 pm, followed by hot cocoa and cookies in the cafeteria.
  • Wednesday December 19th is a half day. After mass, we will be having a Christmas party and a White Elephant gift exchange! Details will be sent home with your child next week. It is also a non-uniform day. Wear your most spirited Christmas attire, but please no Christmas pajamas.
  • No School December 20th - January 1st. Christmas Break

Have a great weekend!

Week 11 Update

I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend last weekend! Here's what we are working on in class this week:

ELA: We are continuing to research for our class newspaper articles. We will begin writing our articles next week. We will also be finishing up our first novel study books this week! Since it is a short week, don't worry about finishing the work in the novel study booklets - just finish reading the book you were assigned.

Science: We are continuing our study of Earth's water systems by learning about the water cycle! We reviewed all the stages of the water cycle, and will be doing a lab related to the water cycle after we return from Thanksgiving break.

Social Studies: We started our next unit of study with a fun interactive Chromebook lesson about the history of Thanksgiving!

Religion: We presented our Google Slides presentations about organizations that help protect God's Creation. We will be picking readers, greeters, and gift bearers next week, as we are on for mass again on November 28th. Hope to see you all there!

Have a great weekend!

No School Monday

November 8, 2018

Happy Thursday! Here's an overview of all the things we are working on in class this week:

ELA: We started working on our next writing assignment, a class newspaper about things happening in the month of November, and many articles relating to them! Look out for it when we publish at the end of the month!

Science: We have started a new unit in science, and we kicked it off today by starting a Mystery Science unit on where our water in the earth comes from. We will continue that into a unit of study on Earth's Systems and ecosystems.

Social Studies: We voted this week in Oregon's Kid Governor election. We will be starting our unit of study on Native American tribes next week. We should also hear about who the winner of the Kid Governor election was very soon!

Religion: We finished reading the chapter in our books about Creation, and so to remind our kids that we need to protect God's creation, we are doing research on a nonprofit organization that helps protect the environment. We will be presenting them in class next week. We are still continuing to practice the Act of Faith. Students will need to have it memorized by the end of the month.

The office has asked me to remind you that if you would like to continue to volunteer at school in any capacity, you MUST finish your 2 required online trainings by December 1st! There is no longer an option to volunteer 4 times or less, and not do the trainings. If you are not sure whether or not you completed your trainings, the office has a list of who has and who has not completed them. Here is the link to the website for more info: https://www.regisstmary.org/parents/#volunteer

Also a quick reminder to put November 28th on your calendars, as that is the next time our class is on for mass.

Have a great 3-day weekend!

Happy All Saint's Day

November 1, 2018

Hi room 13 families! I hope everyone had a safe, happy Halloween yesterday! Thank you to everyone who brought in treats for our class to share during our in-class Halloween celebration last week. The kids LOVED going through the carnival with their kindergarten prayer partners!

Exciting news: Lily from our class was chosen to be a finalist in the Oregon's Kid Governor election! We will be voting in class on Tuesday, which is election day for adults as well, for who we want to be Oregon's next Kid Governor! We wish Lily the best of luck in the race for governor.

This past year the Archdiocese has changed the religion standards that are to be taught throughout the grade levels. With that change came some new prayers for fifth graders to know. I passed out a half sheet of paper today with the first of the four prayers that we will need to know by the end of the year. The first one is the Act of Faith. I ask students to pray this prayer at least once a day for the month of November, and to have it memorized by the end of the month. If you would like to see the other prayers that we will need to know by the end of the year, scroll down to the end of the page on the Fifth Grade Prayers to Know page. The last four prayers are the ones we will learn this year.

Since we are into a new month, I just wanted to give you a heads up about some dates of things happening this month.

  • November 12 - Veteran's Day Observed - No School
  • November 21 - Half Day; Noon Dismissal
  • November 22-23 - Thanksgiving Break; No School
  • November 28 - Our class on for school mass
  • November 30-December 2 - Saint Mary Green Sale

Have a great weekend!

Kid Governor Update!

October 26, 2018

My apologies that this update is a day late, we've had a lot going on this week! We had a great trip to Starker Forests on Tuesday. The kids and adults all had fun learning about the forests and how we can work to help them grow sustainably for many years to come. We spent the morning on their interactive educational trail learning all about the different parts of the forest and what forests look like during different stages of their lifetimes. Then in the afternoon, we went on a hike and learned about how to identify animal tracks and identify moss from lichen. It was so nice to spend an entire day outside in God's creation!

Another big thing that happened this week was we filmed our Kid Governor campaign video! The kids worked together to do all the work on the video, from planning it, to filming it, and editing the final product! The next step is to submit the video to the Oregon's Kid Governor team and they will decide who gets to be the final seven candidates to go on to the statewide election. We will be voting in that election the first week of November, the same time the national elections will be taking place. We wish our candidate luck going forward!

The Halloween Carnival is happening today! We will be having a small class celebration before the carnival, so if you would like to bring treats to share with the class, you may do so for the afternoon. Please remember they need to be peanut free. Thank you! '

Have a great weekend!

Lily's Kid Governonr Campaign Video.mp4

Here's our completed Kid Governor campaign video!

Field Trip Next Week!

October 18, 2018

Hi Room 13 families! I have a couple of reminders about things that are happening in class this week and next week. We selected our Kid Governor candidate this week, and we will be filming their campaign video next week. If your child would like to be in the video, I will need a signed permission slip saying you give permission for them to be in the video itself. This does not mean they can't help out with making the video, it just means that they cannot be seen in the video if they do not turn in a permission slip. When we are done with the video, I will send the private Youtube link out to everyone so that you can see what we have been doing!

Also coming up next week is our field trip to Starker Forests! We will be gone all day - leaving school at 8:15, and we will be returning to school around 2:45, shortly before the end of the day. We will also be outside all day, so please have your child dress for Oregon weather, meaning rain jackets, rain pants, rain boots, umbrellas, etc. Also, we will be eating lunch in an enclosed space that day, so please avoid packing anything with peanuts in your child's lunches. We will not have a good place to store lunch boxes after lunch, so please have your child pack their lunch in something that can be thrown away, like a plastic or paper grocery bag. Pray for clear skies and more beautiful weather that day!

Have a great weekend!


October 11, 2018

I have loved meeting with all of you this week during conferences! Our conversations have been productive and full of positives about the year so far. If you were unable to come this week, I am more than willing to find an alternative time for us to meet and do your child's conference. I hope you all enjoy your lovely our day weekend!

Coming up next week is our Kid Governor primary day and election day! Candidates in the race will be delivering their speeches on Wednesday afternoon, and we will be voting on one student to be our class' candidate to enter the statewide election for Oregon's Kid Governor. I will be sending home a video release form because we will be making a campaign video for our general election candidate, and if your child would like to be in the video, I will need a signed consent form. The kids are so excited by this project! I hope to keep this excitement up as we progress through the project!

Just as a note, I have had some concerns expressed to me about the amount of homework that is being sent home this year. The only thing that is truly meant to be homework is the choice board that goes home every week. Anything else that is being brought home is work that was not finished in class. If they have finished all their other class work, then they may work on their choice boards at school, but that, and reading, are the only 2 things that are truly meant to be done at home. I have also been asked if it is acceptable that they read their reading group book for their 20 minutes of reading, and that is absolutely 100% acceptable! They do not have to be reading more than one book at a time if they do not want to. I hope this helps clarify any confusion about what is to be expected in regards to homework this year. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other, more specific concerns.

Week 5 Update

October 4, 2018

October is here, which means we have a new Just Like Jesus focus for this month! We will be working on being prepared for class, which means that students will need to work on having all their materials ready for all their classes throughout the day. This will include things like remembering all their materials when they come into class in the morning, taking the correct materials to Mrs. Bailey's class or Mrs. Schott's class, not being late to class, not having to go back to the homeroom when they forget something, etc. Starting next week, as encouragement for students to be more prepared for class, if they have to return to their homeroom because they forgot something or to switch out a book, then they will have to go to the office to get a tardy slip. If they get more than 3 tardy slips in a week, they will lose half of their morning recess the following Monday. This is in an effort to reduce the amount of class time wasted due to students not being prepared for class time. Hopefully we will nip these bad habits in the bud before middle school next year.

This coming Wednesday and Thursday are conferences! If you have not scheduled a conference with me already, please do so ASAP. I am really looking forward to meeting with you and sharing with you all the progress your students are making in fifth grade. Another reminder, Thursday October 11th is a half day with dismissal at noon, and Friday and the following Monday is no school for students for staff development.

Our Starker Forests field trip is coming up soon on the 23rd of October! I am still in need of 3 more chaperones to join us on the bus, so please consider coming and enjoying a day in the forests with us!

Have a great weekend!

Week 4 Update

September 27, 2018

Hi Room 13 families! We have had a great week this week! Thank you for getting in those Kid Governor permission slip forms. We have started that unit of study this week and the kids are loving it! We have also been building models of an atom in science this week. Thank you to Arielle Hernandez and Jenna Etzel for coming in and helping hot glue those protons and neutrons together. As for language arts, we are just finishing up our first writing piece - a personal narrative. We went through the entire writing process, starting with brainstorming topics, writing a rough draft, editing it, and typing up a final draft. The final draft is due tomorrow, September 28th.

Going home with the kids tomorrow will be an information sheet and a permission slip for our upcoming field trip to Starker Forests! The trip itself will take place on October 23rd, so its still a little ways out, but I'm sending it out early just to stay on top of things. Please fill it out and send it back with your child by Tuesday October 9th.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Parent Night

September 20, 2018

I loved seeing so many of our classroom parents and family members at Parent Night on Tuesday! I hope I answered all of your questions and got you excited for all the great things to come in fifth grade this year. If you were unable to be there Tuesday night, you can find my slides presentation below with all the info that we discussed on it. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other clarifying questions. If you are unable to see the presentation below, you can click on this link to access it: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Z_JHNVg5_YnyABTkzpF8yG15Hac9v31_1LdbVrnodb0/edit?usp=sharing

The only other thing I want to mention is that we are starting our Kid Governor unit in Social Studies this upcoming week! I sent home a permission slip for you to sign about whether or not you want your child to run as a candidate in the Kid Governor election. This form is only for me to know whether or not I have your permission, should your child decide to run in the election when the time to decide our candidates comes. It is not about whether your child has permission to participate in the lessons in class - its only about whether you are comfortable with your child running in the election if they would like to. Please sign this form, and have your child bring it back to school ASAP. They are due no later than Wednesday September 26th.

I also want to start keeping you updated on our learning targets! I will try and post them at the end of my weekly website updates, so that you know what standards and content we are focusing on in class.

ELA: I can write a story, real or imagined, with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Math: I can recognize a digit's place value based on whether or not it is to the right or left of the decimal. I can identify the place value of digits to the thousandths place.

Social Studies: I can explain the differences between the 3 branches of government.

Science: I can make observations about different types of matter based on their properties.

Religion: I can identify our Catholic beliefs stated in the Apostle's Creed. I can recognize and explain the differences between faith and Faith.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Welcome to Room 13! Parent Night

First Two Weeks!

September 13, 2018

Wow, its already been almost two full weeks back at school! I have had a great time getting to know this new group of fifth graders and figuring out how we are going to have a fun, successful year in fifth grade. We have not taken any STAR tests yet this year, as the window for STAR testing opens next week, so I have been slowly easing into the curriculum and getting the kids used to the new classroom routines.

Thank you to parents for signing your child's planners each night! It really helps kids stay accountable for their homework and schoolwork if you look over what was written in their planners at school and ask them about it at home. I have also had some parents ask about the reading homework that is assigned each night. I ask kids to read 20 minutes each day for homework, and it is okay if they read some of that at school, but I would still prefer they do at least part of that reading at school.

Just a reminder that Parent Night is now this Tuesday, September 18th instead of Thursday the 20th. I will be going over PowerSchool, grading, homework policies, field trips, etc. If you are unable to make it, I will be posting the slides presentation here for you to see. Have a great weekend!

Welcome back!!

August 31, 2018

Greetings Room 13 families! I am so excited to be back at Regis St. Mary this year teaching fifth grade again! I am looking forward to a great year filled with exciting events and lots of learning! This year, I will be posting weekly updates here on my website informing you as to what we are working on at school, as well as any other announcements pertaining to our class or the school as a whole. I will also do periodic email blasts with updates as well.

I am hoping that my website will be a great resource for everyone in class to easily access information about what's going on in class, as well as a place where you can download copies of important forms to fill out or homework that may have been left at school or lost that you can print out at home. I will also post links to websites that you can log into from home to practice skills that we have been working on in class. There is also a section devoted to book orders. I have posted the link to the Scholastic website that you can use to order books and earn points for free books for our class library! Our unique class code to include is also located on that page.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email, and I will get back to you as quick as I can. I hope you are as excited for the 2018/2019 school year as I am! Enjoy your 3-day weekend! (: