Region 15 schools


As the situation is constantly evolving and we are met with public health and state guidance updates, please expect periodic changes to this website to provide our community with the most up to date information regarding our schools. If you have any questions or you are looking for specific information - Contact Us!

Current School Status - ALL SCHOOLS ARE OPEN
Masking will be optional for students and staff in all Region 15 Buildings.

  • It remains important that you continue to monitor daily for symptoms, and remain home if you suspect you or someone in your household may be ill.

  • If you are exposed to a positive covid family member (or someone you live with), please test as soon as you find out even if you don't have symptoms. If you test negative, retest on day 5 OR sooner if symptoms develop. If any symptoms develop, even if you are negative after a positive exposure, you should remain home and retest the next day.

● Please continue to report all positive COVID cases to your school nurses.

● If you test positive, you must remain home for at least five days from symptom onset or if asymptomatic, the date of the test.

● We ask that if you exhibit any COVID symptoms to please remain home until you are able to confirm that your symptoms are not COVID related.

● The district will continue to provide COVID test kits to families as supplies last. Please contact your school nurse if you need a test kit.


Communication regarding all confirmed positive cases in Region 15 Schools.

Communication and Community Partnerships is essential.