National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes exceptional secondary school honor students. Members of the Laurel  Chapter at Valley Regional High School have and continue to demonstrate good character, strong leadership, excellent scholarship, and generous service.  

In the Spring and Fall of each academic year, candidates are evaluated in light of these four criteria. To be eligible for consideration, a student must be a member of the Junior (Spring Selection) or Senior (Fall Selection) class and have attended Valley Regional High School for at least one semester. Juniors and Seniors must have achieved an exact cumulative grade point average of 90.00 or higher, as well as a weighted average of 100.00 or higher. 

Students are chosen by a majority vote of a five-member faculty selection committee. In considering candidates, the following criteria are examined:

Scholarship: an exact cumulative grade point average of 90.00 or higher, as well as a weighted average of 100.00 or higher.

Leadership: a record of active participation in clubs/organizations in the school/community, a record of leadership in an organization, sport, or club, a commitment to serve as a role model within the school community. Sustained participation in school or community activities is required (membership alone does not guarantee acceptance into the NHS). 

Service: a record of sustained service in the Valley Regional High School community and/or other school-sponsored organizations or local community outreach programs. Active participation in service projects is strongly encouraged.

Character: a responsible school attendance record, a positive disciplinary record, a record of academic honesty and integrity, a record of exemplary behavior and cooperation with both faculty and students.

Membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Members are expected to continue to demonstrate the qualities of Character, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship; they will be held to the highest of standards with regard to honor, discipline, academics, and all membership duties and activities. Once inducted into the NHS, students must maintain their standing in the organization and fulfill the following requirements:


Deficiency in any or all of the above can disqualify a student from membership in the NHS, resulting in dismissal. In such cases, the student’s record will be reviewed by the NHS Faculty Council.