A Manifesto for Online Collaboration

Signed in March 2022 by the authors:

Matt Barnaby; Barb Bickford; Kirsten Clacey; Orla Cronin; Richard Dyter; Christina Hartikainen; Shane Hastie; Richard Kasperowski; Elise Keith; Mark Kilby; Heather Martinez; Steve McCann; Pilar Orti; Chris Pitts; Cliff Pollan; Judy Rees; Bob Sarni; Brian Tarallo; Dennis Vergne; Ian Webster.

List of signatories

Our experience has shown us that there are better ways of convening online to achieve meaningful results.

We aspire to include diverse people in online interactions that build resilient and trusting working relationships, unlock the group’s potential, and get work done, joyfully.

We value:

  • People and relationships over technology and tools

  • Transparently-planned, participative processes over centralised control

  • Blended forms of engagement (sync, async, video, writing, etc.) over single-mode

  • Iteration that leads to positive change over one-and-done approaches

  • Fun over formality

We are excited about the future of online collaboration, and we intend to hold to these principles through future sociotechnical changes.

If this sounds like you, join us!