Project History



  • “Coming Back” (Holophon Collective at Artisan, Regina)
  • Project Leader & Instructor, Payepot School Music Program, in partnership with Eduard Minevich, the Regina Symphony Orchestra, and Piapot Chief & Council
  • Composer & Workshop Leader, Sandy Bay & Hall Lake Music/Film Project (Cultural Sync, Cultural Exchange,& Sakewewak, Regina)


  • “Seeds” Scott Collegiate & Amadeus Youth Orchestra Music Project (Sakewewak Artists Collective)
  • Sandy Bay Music/Video Project(Sakewewak Artists Collective)
  • “Building Bridges,” film and music project developed at Payepot School and performed with Amadeus Youth Orchestra (Film Pool Cooperative & Regina Conservatory of Music)
  • Musical score for film Changing the Future (produced by Saskatchewan Film Pool Cooperative)
  • “Winter Concert,” a collaborative performance work with Jeff Morton (New Music Concert Series, Neutral Ground, Regina)


  • Musical score for film– This Time Last Year (produced by Sarah Abbott & Ann Veral)
  • “Winter Concert” sound installation,a collaborative work with Jeff Morton (Ice and Fire Festival, Regina, SK)


  • Intersect, a multidisciplinary collaboration with Edward Poitras, Joelle Arnush, Robert Regala, Charlie Fox, Bill Coleman, Jeff Morton, Brian James, Arnold Mckenzie and Robin Poitras (New Dance Horizons, Regina, SK).