Brandywine Springs Water Fountain Fun


As a science service project, the Brandywine Springs School Science Olympiad teams are helping to track the usage of the water bottle filling stations that are located throughout the school. We are doing this project to help bring awareness of our the new water bottle filling stations that the Brandywine Springs PTO purchased and installed in the summer of 2018. We are hoping that by publishing the data, it will bring awareness to students and the school community about the benefits of using non-disposable water bottles and that by making the change from disposable to non-disposable bottles- easy, feasible, and fun.

Want to help track the eliminated waste from disposable plastic bottles used by the Brandywine Springs School Community?

Please click the button "Water Fountain Tracker" below. It is only available for use with Red Clay Consolidate School District Accounts

Water Fountain Data

Cafeteria Water Fountain

Gymnasium Water Fountain

Library Water Fountain

4th/5th Grade Water Fountain

Middle School Water Fountain