e-Learning Days Coming to District 220

The state of Illinois allows school districts who submit a plan to the state the usage of five (5) e-Learning days per calendar year to use in case of weather or another unforeseen emergency. E-learning is the implementation of a virtual school day that allows instruction and learning to be continuous when school might otherwise be cancelled. Class activities will align to the standards already being followed in class. Students will be required to attend all classes online through Zoom meetings. Teachers will send students links via student Schoology pages as well as take attendance each class period. Students can expect some asynchronous (i.e. independent) assignments as part of the required five hours of instructional time. All questions that are not answered on the e-learning FAQ sheet should be directed to elearning@d220.org.

Having tech-related issues? Email: SOS@d220.org or call 708.237.4600