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Student Wellness and Support!

Are you currently experiencing an Immediate crisis and need immediate support? Please Call 9-1-1

24/7 Mental Health Support:

call (888) 743-1478 (SB County)

(951) 686-HELP (4357) (Riverside County)

24/7 Crisis services: Call 2-1-1 in any county to be connected to emergency pandemic support or click here

Need someone to listen? contact 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741 for immediate response from a crisis counselor

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For all emergency services Call 9-1-1

REAL Journey Academies Counseling Department

Student Wellness and Support Services

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Mental Health Support Services

  • Brittany Perez, Director of Counseling Services

  • Pamela Crandall, School Counselor Entrepreneur High School

  • Olivia Martinez, School Counselor Entrepreneur High School

  • Kassandra Wachtel, School Counselor New Vision Middle School

  • Naoje Williams, School Counselor The Journey School (Tk-6)

  • Angela Guevara, School Counselor Iempire Academy (Tk-5)

Community Partnerships with REAL Journey Academies

  • University of Redlands-School Counseling Internship placement site, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Trainee Practicum site

  • Community Crisis Response Team-909-421-9233 *Pager number 909-420-0560 (SB county) * CRISIS RESPONSE SERVICES

  • Victor Community Support Services: referral number 909-522-4656 (FREE services for parents and students)

  • South Coast Community Support Services: referral number call 877-527-7227

  • ABLE Mediation Counseling Services referral number(Middle school/High school): 909-980-2253

  • Raising Kings Mentorship program referral phone number: 951-456-1882

  • Young Visionaries Mentorship program (Middle school/High school) visit http://yvyla-ie.org/site/?page_id=96

  • Focus on today, Inc. Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, community support hotline for parents 7am-7pm

  • 24/7 Counseling support call 2-1-1 or text Hello to 741-741 (crisis text hotline) for 24/7 support for teachers, parents and students

Positive school climate and culture

  • District level Lead-Brittany Perez, Director of Counseling Services

  • Andrea Secoff, Assistant Principal, Iempire Academy

  • Angela Guevara, School Counselor, Iempire Academy

  • Jamila Vorise, Assistant Principal, The Journey School

  • Naoje Williams, School Counselor, The Journey School

  • Susann Hazen, Assistant Principal, New Vision Middle School

  • Kassandra Wachtel, School Counselor, New Vision Middle School

  • Daniela Carrillo, Assistant Principal, Entrepreneur High School

  • Pamela Crandall, School Counselor, Entrepreneur High School

  • Olivia Martinez, School Counselor, Entrepreneur High School

Attendance Welfare and Support Services

  • Steven Woods, Student Service Coordinator

  • Philip Powell, Student Success Coordinator

College and Career Programing

  • CCGI District Level Lead-Brittany Perez, Director of Counseling Services

  • CCGI Site Level lead Entrepreneur High School-Olivia Martinez, School Counselor

  • CCGI Site Level lead New Vision Middle School-Kassandra Wachtel, School Counselor

  • CCGI District Data Lead-Veronica Pacheco, Director of Academic Resources

  • CCGI District Marketing Lead-Lonnie Yansurak, Director of School Development

  • Dual Enrollment Lead-Olivia Martinez, School Counselor

Homeless Liaisons:

  • Vanessa Calderas-Iempire Academy 909-327-2534

  • Grace Bravo-The Journey School 951-601-6620

  • Maricela Figueroa-New Vision Middle School 909-888-8390

  • Alicia Brieno -Entrepreneur High School 909-327-2782

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