Welcome to the Readington Middle School

Music Department!

About Our Program

The Readington Middle School Music Department delivers group instrumental and vocal music instruction, as well as many large and small ensemble rehearsals each week. We provide a variety of performance opportunities for our students in many different musical idioms including concert bands, jazz bands, chamber ensembles, both string and full orchestras, vocal ensembles, pep band and musical theatre. Readington Middle School music students perform in winter and spring concerts, at various public events within the Readington community, and at several state and regional festivals throughout the school year.

Performing Ensembles

Our ensembles at Readington Middle School are designed to challenge our young musicians in grades 6-8 at many different levels. We provide sectional instruction as well as ensemble performance opportunities where our students experience a sense of pride, accomplishment and belonging. This design is the essence of each of our performing groups.

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble,

Concert Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra

The concert bands and string orchestras are performing ensembles that meet during school every other day. Our goal for these ensembles is to expand the technical knowledge and ability of each individual member as well as to increase music reading skills and to build a higher level of sophistication into each performance. They will explore and grow in the skill areas of technique, articulation, phrasing, and rhythm. There are also opportunities for the students to have a full orchestra experience.

Beginner Band

The Beginner Band is for students in 6th grade who have either not previously taken a band instrument or who would benefit from reviewing concepts learned in the first year of instrumental music study. The goal of the beginning band is to teach and/or reinforce basic concepts traditionally learned in the first year of instrumental music study with the goal of joining the Concert Band for the spring concert.

Pops Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble

These ensembles are open to students by audition and rehearse after school once a week. Also, membership in one of the concert bands or orchestras is mandatory for involvement in these ensembles. Aside from the winter and spring concerts, these groups perform at the Showcase of Music, regional and state festivals, and at various venues within the Readington community.

The Viking Cruisers

New to our school in 2015, the Viking Cruisers is the RMS Pep Band. Members include band students, RMS faculty members, parents and alumni. The band performs at several boys and girls home basketball games and other athletic events throughout the year.

Pit Orchestra

The pit orchestra accompanies the annual RMS Spring Musical and is made up of music faculty and select students. Instruments included in the pit orchestra are strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion, based on the needs of the musical being performed.


Our choral ensembles at Readington Middle School are designed to challenge our young musicians at many different levels. We provide instruction as well as ensemble and performance opportunities. The 6th, 7th and 8th grade choirs meet every other day during school and perform 2 concerts annually.

Readington Rhapsody

Readington Rhapsody is a select vocal ensemble that meets once a week after school and is open to any student in grades 7 and 8 based on an audition. Aside from performing at 2 concerts a year, Readington Rhapsody performs at festivals, and at various venues within the Readington community.