Welcome to the Holland Brook School 

Music Department!


The Holland Brook School Instrumental Department delivers group instrumental lessons as well as large ensemble rehearsals each week. As 4th graders, students have the opportunity to begin study on a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument and/or participate in chorus. In 5th grade, students continue their study in instrumental and/or vocal music. Instrumental music students receive weekly small group lessons on a rotating pull-out basis with weekly full ensemble rehearsals. Instrumental and vocal students present 2 evening concerts per year in December and May.


Ms. Jess Richter - Band Director, Woodwind Lesson Teacher

Email: jrichter@readington.k12.nj.us  

Mr. Jack Hasselbring - Orchestra Director, String Lesson Teacher

Email: jhasselbring@readington.k12.nj.us

Mr. John Hylkema - Assistant Band Director, Brass Lesson Teacher

Email: jhylkema@readington.k12.nj.us

Mrs. Samantha Lestrange - Chorus Director, General Music Teacher

Email: slestrange@readington.k12.nj.us



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**Please wait until you receive an email confirmation from Ms. Richter or Mr. Hasselbring before renting an instrument!**

New Instrument Rentals (online/In Person):

Hunterdon Music and Raritan Music have online/in-person registration systems to sign up for rentals for the 2023-2024 school year as well as buy lesson books and accessories.

*Please make sure you check the Instrument Supply List (Click HERE!) for everything you will need to order for your instrument (lesson books, accessories, etc.) 

HUnterdon Music:



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Reeds, Cork Grease, Slide Oil, Cleaning Kits, Rosin, Shoulder Rest, etc.

Raritan Music:



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Reeds, Cork Grease, Slide Oil, Cleaning Kits, Rosin, Shoulder Rest, etc.

Student Tips for Success:

1. Choose a quiet place to practice where there will be no interruptions or distractions.

2. Establish a routine practice schedule. Make practicing part of your daily homework routine.

3. Find ways to reward yourself for practicing. Learning an instrument itself can be very rewarding, but some students need the extra incentive.

4. Practice effectively. Make sure you’re practicing assignments from the weekly lessons. Warm up on material you can already play, but spend most of your time on new materials. You’ll improve much faster if you push yourself out of your “comfort zone”.

5. Keep your instrument in good working condition. An instrument that isn’t functioning correctly is not fun to play, and will make practice and lessons a painful experience.

6. Instrumentalists that use reeds: learn to take care of your reeds. Old, warped, or chipped reeds are very unpleasant to play on. Make sure you always have one or two backup reeds.

7. Put on a “concert” for a parent or family member weekly.

8. Attend weekly lessons, with or without instruments. Without an instrument, you will still want to have new material explained, and you will need to know what is assigned as homework.

Parent Tips for Student Success:

1.      Review the Student Tips for Success, and do whatever is necessary to support your child in their efforts.


2.      Be encouraging. Especially at first, beginning instrumentalists can be self-conscious about their playing.


3.      Help your child with the schedule, and make sure instruments and music make it to school on the right day.


4.      Encourage your child to practice OFTEN!  Practice is a very important part of learning to play an instrument.