Parking and bus drop off information

Bus Instructions

Bus drivers will drop off teams on 32nd Avenue and then park on the opposite side of the park heading west on 29th Avenue. Busses may return at the conclusion of the event to pick up teams on the park side of 32nd Avenue.

Directions from Drop of location to parking location:

Continue East on 32nd Avenue

Turn Left on Welcome Avenue

Turn left on 34th Avenue

Turn Left on Douglas Drive

Turn Left on Medicine Lake Road

Continue on 29th Avenue Turn around in the the Cul-de-sac at the dead end and pull park on the North side of 29th Avenue (this is the park side of 29th Avenue)

Spectator Parking

Carpooling is advised due to parking limitations in the area. There will be no parking allowed on 32nd Avenue in order to allow for traffic flow and bus drop off and pick up at the conclusion of the meet. Please find parking in the residential areas either North or South of the park. Do not park in no parking zones or your car will be ticketed and towed.