Class Blog

May 1, 2017

On Friday Trip came in to show us the insides of a fish. He told us all the parts of the fish and showed us how to hold a sharp object correctly,” If someone wants you to look at something and the object is up just slightly push to the side so you don’t get hurt.”-Trip. He also showed the lungs and the air sack of the fish. The air sack is what keeps the fish floating so he/she does not sink to the bottom. The 6th graders came in to watch some of it with us. In my opinion I think it was a great experience. -C.G.

January 10, 2017

Fagan’s class here, and a few days ago we got our fish eggs!!! Woo!

Anyway, I thought you'd like to hear about them. We just got them January 6th. We got 150 but we found two already dead so we have 148 so yeah. But the tanks all set up and we got them where they're supposed to be.

We totally forgot the cons about the fish eggs though.

They reek! It smells like rotten eggs but it went away after awhile, still kinda reeks… Anyway other than that they're pretty cool they’re still eggs though.

You can see there eyes and bodies in the egg. Honestly we really like them we all can't wait for them to hatch their eggs. Right now since they couldn't move we have to keep them in a breeder basket. Well see you guys soon! -G.K.