Who is in the Social/Emotional Team?

School Counselor

A school counselor helps supports students with...

  • Academics

  • Social-emotional problems and skills

  • College and career choices

How do we do it?

  • Classroom Lessons

  • Small Groups

  • Individual Counseling

  • Restorative Practices

  • Working with adults (teachers, families, principals…)

Contact Information:

Genesis Fillmore, Bilingual School Counselor

Email: genesis.fillmore@rcsdk12.org Call/text: (585)210-9568

Stay safe and healthy.

School Social Worker

A school social worker is a trained mental health professional who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support ,consultation with teachers, parents and administrators as well a provide individual and group counseling/therapy.

How do we do it ?

  • Assessing students needs, completing assessment and written reports.

  • Communicating goal clearly and accurately

  • Engaging students in developing goals to maximize student achievement

  • Demonstrating collaboration with school personal and families

  • Implement treatment plans to maximize students' success

Contact information:

Abigal Rodriguez, Bilingual Social Worker

Email: abigail.rodriguez@rcsdk12.org

Cell: (585)404-1457

Jody Rumfola, Social Worker

Email: jody.rumfola@rcsdk12.org

Call/text: (585)371-8877

Stay positive , Stay safe

School Psychologist

A school psychologist helps support students with:

  • social, emotional, and behavior concerns

  • positive behavior / classroom support

How do we do it?

  • Assessing student strengths and weaknesses

  • Working with teachers, parents, and administrators

  • Developing and implementing individualized plans

Contact Information:

Ilisa Stein, School Psychologist

Email: Ilisa.Stein@rcsdk12.org

Stay safe and healthy!