Work-Based Learning at RHS

RHS's work-based learning programs are designed to encourage student learning outside the classroom, allow students to explore career options, and encourage students to be productively engaged in the Rutland community.

Rutland High School provides students with flexible pathway opportunities to pursue work-based learning. According to the Vermont Agency of Education, "Work-based learning is an educational program or experience involving student interactions with industry or community professionals in real, virtual, online, or simulated work environments that exposes learners to postsecondary options, provides opportunities for skill development and proficiency attainment, and allows students to reinforce and deepen their school-based learning."

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Here at RHS, we provide students with the following opportunities to pursue work-based learning:

  • School to Work: a career exploration program that gives students opportunities to explore multiple careers in a non-paid, shadowing experience at a variety of work sites.
  • YES Plan School to Work: an intensive version of school-to-work occurring in the final two weeks of the school year.