PLACE Mission Statement

In cooperation with community partners, Rutland High School’s Promoting Learning by Activating Community Engagement (PLACE) seeks to extend and apply education through learning outside the classroom in order to cultivate citizens committed to enriching local and global communities.

PLACE Students will:

  • Take an active role in individualizing their PLACE experiences and articulating learning goals
  • Link their experience to academic standards, classroom learning, and/or Vermont Transferable Skills
  • Demonstrate how their experience develops the Vermont Transferable Skill of “Responsible and Involved Citizenship”
  • Participate in ongoing reflection on and reporting on their experience
  • Cooperate with community partners to achieve goals and develop leadership skills
  • Share outcomes with the school and/or local community


PLACE Community Mentors will:

  • Agree to participate in pre-internship orientation
  • Help to define, through collaborative effort with the student and the PLACE mentor, a “service” project to benefit the organization or community
  • Provide necessary safety information to the student
  • Communicate with PLACE school mentor according to a schedule developed cooperatively
  • Provide an opportunity (structured in cooperation with the school) for students to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Provide support for the student as they progress in their role through frequent evaluations and check-ins with school mentor
  • Provide critical and constructive feedback to the student and the PLACE program mentor at the conclusion of the program

RHS PLACE was developed through the generous support of the Rowland Foundation.