PLACE Mission Statement

In cooperation with community partners, Rutland High School’s Promoting Learning by Activating Community Engagement (PLACE) seeks to extend and apply education through learning outside the classroom in order to cultivate citizens committed to enriching local and global communities.


Everyone enters with different abilities. Everyone leaves employable.

PLACE Spectrum of Services

PLACE runs programming geared toward providing a range of services so that all students are supported as they make their transition out of high school and into the working world.


  • Community Engagement Program: Focuses on pre-employment skills and is heavily supported by Job Coaches.

  • Career Development Program: Focuses on soft skills and entry-level hard skills/employment, often supported by Job Coaches.

  • Career Exploration: Focuses on students’ rotating through several career options over the course of a year, typically 3-4, in order to help them make informed choices about their future.

PLACE Internship Course

  • A 50-60 hour honors-level semester course taught at the high school where students receive course credit and complete a service learning project for the mentor agency. Juniors and seniors in this course are expected to be independent and self-directed.

PLACE Year-End-Studies (YES) Plan

  • A two week career exploration experience focusing on local job opportunities and industries. Students are independent and self-directed.

RHS PLACE was developed through the generous support of the Rowland Foundation.