RCPS Safe and Positive School Environments

Radford City Public Schools

Core Values and Behavior Expectations 7/20/22

MISSION: The mission of Radford City Public Schools is to foster and promote a safe and positive school environment that enhances student learning through teaching and enacting positive behavior.

Safe and Positive School Environments

Radford City Public Schools (RCPS) believes that all students should have access to a learning environment where they feel safe, engaged, connected and supported in classrooms and schools. A positive school climate guides social and academic growth for all students. Behavior management is necessary to keep the learning environment positive and productive. During the 2021-2022 school year RCPS documented an unprecedented number of discipline referrals which impacted the learning environment in all four schools. The division’s three expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Peaceful will be followed by all students as they are important in keeping the learning environment healthy.

RCPS is committed to training all students in appropriate and acceptable behavior expectations. The division also acknowledges the importance of responding to learning disruptions in a caring, fair, ethical and professional manner. RCPS has adopted a progressive discipline system that supports and acknowledges appropriate student behavior while also making every reasonable effort to correct inappropriate student behavior with logical consequences and restorative responses.

RCPS administration will use a range of identified behaviors along with a range of possible responses that support the corrective action of disruptive behavior. The system works to create an environment where the degree of discipline corresponds with the severity of the behavior leading to the discipline, and follows all due process procedures. It is important that RCPS respond to behavior that interrupts and disrupts the learning process.

RCPS has created a balanced system, based on data and research, that identifies student behaviors that positively impact the learning environment. This approach assists students in:

  • understanding appropriate school behavior;

  • understanding inappropriate behavior;

  • understanding why the behavior is unacceptable;

  • taking responsibility for their action; and

  • learning how they could approach the situation differently to avoid repeated inappropriate behaviors which may result in more serious consequences.

RCPS invites school families to partner with us as we provide our students excellence in education, for every student, every day. Please review the following expectations, positive behavior incentive examples and the logical consequences and restorative responses to correct inappropriate student behavior.