Joint School Rebuild Project

Ecole St. Pius X and Argyle School

Regina Public and Regina Catholic Schools are working with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education to open a new joint elementary school facility on the existing Argyle School site in Regina, Saskatchewan. The new Kindergarten to Grade 8 joint school facility, once completed, will be the new home of the current Ecole St. Pius and Argyle School Communities.

This website is dedicated to providing both school communities with updates, as they become available, of the evolving project.

For more information about the project, please email Regina Catholic Schools at: or Regina Public Schools at:

You are also welcome to contact the schools:

Ecole St. Pius X

306 791-7385

Argyle School

306 791-8536


Update June 3, 2022

New fly-through videos of the project are now available. These are YouTube videos. By watching both, you can see the entire joint-use school project and how far construction has come!

See Ecole St. Pius X here:

See Argyle School here:

Update January, 2022

Argyle School:

    • The majority of the flooring within Argyle has been poured and the interior wall development has progressed well on the second floor.

    • Over the winter, the Argyle exterior finish materials will begin to be installed while the interior rough-ins continue.

  • St. Pius X School:

    • The majority of the St. Pius X structure is in place.

    • St. Pius X progress will be slower over the winter as the contractor prioritizes progress in the more controlled spaces of Argyle. Initial roofing and exterior boarding work will continue to prepare for floor pours in the spring.

Pictures from the worksite below.

Update June, 2021

  • For the weeks of June 7th, 14th, & 21st -- Piling and grade beam activities will continue. These are the elements commonly referred to as the foundation of the building. Elevator shaft wall construction will also begin.

  • Week of June 28th: The steel or ‘superstructure’ will begin to be erected. These activities will continue throughout the summer starting at the Argyle
    School north west corner and moving down and east towards the St. Pius X
    School side.

Summer 2021: Excavation and pipe placement and related infrastructure along the alley easement to meet City bylaws.

Government of Saskatchewan news release: Construction Underway At Future Site Of New Joint-Use École St. Pius X And Argyle Elementary Schools In Regina.

Update February, 2021

The design process is complete. See attached renderings for a preview of the new schools. Also attached is a follow-up rendering from the top of the Argyle presentation stair.

See the images below for Argyle and Ecole St. Pius X schools renderings.


The construction procurement is expected to be released in late February 2021 and construction is expected to start in May 2021.

Once a contractor is selected, a more detailed update will be provided on the project schedule.

2020-12-18 RASP - Renderings for website reduced file size.pdf

Update September 30, 2020

In September, the School Design Advisory Committee made presentations to the Regina Catholic and Regina Public Boards of Education.

The attached slide presentation shows the latest updates and information about the Argyle and St/Pius X Joint-Use Schools project.

Follow this link, or click on the picture below to see presentation that was shared.

2020-05-06 RASP SD Update.pdf

Update March 30, 2020.

Regina, Saskatchewan, and much of the world is now self-isolating and practising social distancing.

This doesn't mean that this important joint school project has stalled.

In fact, there have been a number of developments!

First, as part of the Government of Saskatchewan's Budget summary, we learned that $16.9M was allocated to permit construction funding for the Argyle-St. Pius joint use project.

This means that the project is going ahead!

Prior to that financial release, as was previously reported, on February 25, parents, students, school administrators and designers gathered to participate in a site exploration workshop. The event was both informative and hands on.

Four options were explored—two assuming a one-phase (stage) of the build and two using a two-phased build. An option from each was explored in greater detail during the meeting and feedback on those preliminary plans are now being gathered.

The design team has produced this document following the meeting.

More details and progress will be shared as they become available.

Here you can read the story in the Leader-Post about the City of Regina's agreement to allow use of adjacent Kinsman Park land for the use for the joint-use school build. This was also reported on March 2, 2020.

The February 25th design exercise provided examples of previous builds and gave hands-on opportunities to design the new spaces.

Update: March 02, 2020

  • On February 25th, approximately 40 parents, staff, students and community member met with the design team at the Gratton Room of the Regina Catholics Schools Education Centre.

  • That session featured a design exercise where the group workshopped site planning and where they would like to see the different elements of the two schools, such as playgrounds, parking, and school building elements could be built, within the existing Argyle School grounds.

  • The group also reviews the results of the hopes and fears survey.

  • Follow this link to see the presentation from the February 25th session.

  • On Wednesday, February 26th, Regina City Council moved to allow Regina Public and Regina Catholic School divisions to include a defined portion of Kinsman Park space for planning for the new schools build.

  • For more information about the project, please email Regina Catholic Schools at: or Regina Public Schools at:

Greg Hasiuk of Number TEN Architectural Group introduces the design team and discusses the joint-use school project.

Update: February 5, 2020

  • Approximately 60 parents and community members attended the February 4th information session at Sheldon Williams Collegiate.

  • That session featured a welcome by Regina Public Schools and Regina Catholic Schools representatives. It also included presentations from the design team and the project consultant.

  • Follow this link for a copy of the presentation.

  • For more information about the project, please email Regina Catholic Schools at: or Regina Public Schools at:

“Hopes and Fears” Survey

Comment cards focusing on gathering “Hopes and Fears” of the joint-use project were distributed at the February 4th Information Session. The design team will use this feedback to guide their work.

If you didn’t pick one up at the Information Session, these cards are available at Argyle School and École St. Pius X School. Alternatively, please fill out this online survey:

Please drop your comment cards off at one of the schools or fill out the online survey by Wednesday, February 12th.

Site Design Workshop on February 25th – Registration Required

The next stage of design consultation will be a Site Design Workshop which is scheduled for the evening of February 25th.

This event requires registration because of limited space.

Please register at either Argyle School or École St. Pius X School by Wednesday, February 12th or send an email to or with your name and connection to the joint-use school project (parent, SCC/CSCC member, etc.).

Registered attendees will be notified of the event details via email.

February 3, 2020

  • The construction of the joint-use schools is expected to be completed in phases and may result in a staggered opening of the joint schools to accommodate Argyle School, which will continue to operate until there is a new building for students and she selection of the design team has been completed and Number Ten Architectural Group has been Selected. Their most recent school in Regina was École Connaught Community School. Learn more about Number Ten Architectural Group here.

  • School community consultations will begin with an introductory session on February 4, 2020 at Sheldon Williams Collegiate. This session is open to the public and the St. Pius X and Argyle school communities are welcome.

  • Regina Public Schools and Regina Catholic Schools have completed the information gathering process requested by the City of Regina to gain approval of space across from Argyle school for parking. Public feedback from this process has been provided to the City of Regina. A decision from the City is pending.

New Revised Poster! Please check back often for updates!

January 2020

  • The construction of the joint-use schools is expected to require phasing to work around the existing Argyle school, which will require staggered opening of the schools.

  • The selection of the design team is expected to be announced in January 2020.

  • School community consultations are expected to begin in February 2020.

  • As part of the process to approve park space across from the current Argyle School building for parking, an information gathering process was completed and the feedback has been provided to the City of Regina.

November 2019

The St. Pius/Argyle rebuild announced in March 2019 is a joint-use facility, and planning for this project continues. At this point, no decisions have been made regarding building size or placement, nor has parking been decided.

The current step the team is working on is choosing an architect. Once that is complete, the design team will meet with the school communities. Those engagements are expected in winter 2020.

At this point, the project does not have approval to move further toward construction.

A joint webpage will be developed to hold updates on this project, and will be updated as frequently as new information comes available, but likely about monthly

March 2019

Regina Catholic Schools and the administration of École St. Pius X were pleased with the Government of Saskatchewan’s announcement about the consolidation and replacement of Argyle School and École St. Pius X. Here is the government release:

Argyle School

306 791-8536

Ecole St. Pius X

306 791-7385

For more information about the project, please email Regina Catholic Schools at: or Regina Public Schools at: