Edgewood Intermediate School



September 2018 - Message from Ms. Lee & Mr. Norris

We're off to a fantastic start to the 2018-19 school year! Getting back into a school routine can be tough for kids, but we could not be more proud with how our Eagles have handled the transition. We are doing something a bit different with our newsletter this year. This Google site will be updated throughout the month, and we'll send the link out as a reminder for you to check it. If you would like something added, please let us know! This can become your "one stop shop" for all things EIS.

  • iReady Benchmarking
    • We completed our first of three benchmark assessments for reading and math with iReady. This assessment is computer-adaptive which allows us to zero in on each child's strengths and weaknesses. Your child's classroom teacher will review your child's results during Parent/Teacher Conferences in October. The next benchmark will take place during December before we head into Winter Break. We have a lot of learning and growing to do between now and then!
  • What I Need (WIN) Time & School-Wide Title 1
    • What do we now do with these iReady results? It's time to dig in and remediate skills that are deficient in students. Students have been flexibly grouped for our first round of WIN time beginning next Monday (9-17-18). Each child has been placed into a reading and math group depending upon his/her need for enrichment or remediation. Each group will focus on a different skill(s) for four weeks to bring the students to mastery level. Some students will be assigned to a group with a Title 1 teacher or highly-qualified assistant. Each and every student at EIS is now qualified to receive Title 1 services through our school-wide status, and these services will depend upon which group a child is placed into and who will be leading the instruction.
  • Performance Enrichment Days
    • On our first Performance Enrichment Day, our teachers focused on project-based learning, STEAM and Genius Hour. Because of the training and time for planning, EIS will be implementing Genius Hour across our entire building beginning sometime in October/November. Your child will choose a passion project to focus and learn more about over the course of a few months. Is your child interested in learning more about Robotics? Racing? Cooking? Gardening? Artistic endeavors? Google apps? Let's explore that and allow our children to chart their own courses!
  • "Eagle Wings"
    • Have you heard your child talking about "earning his/her Eagle Wings?" We have a new program in place at EIS! Students are earning eagle stickers and a Lifeline ticket when they model Lifelines at school. In return, we are celebrating these students in multiple ways. This month, three students were chosen from each grade level to receive some cool new EIS gear!
  • September Dates (see calendar section for more detail):

11th: Title 1 Parent Meeting

12th: Performance Enrichment Day; No School

21st: Fall Festival Educational Day

22nd: Fall Festival Parade