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Mystery Pic of the Week

What is this? Where is it?

Where was this photo taken??

The Mystery Pic of the Week was taken around the school. Click on the button above to submit your answer. A winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct submissions. Prizes are awarded for winners each week!

Remember, filters may be applied to the photo, but it has not been altered in any other way. Look high and low to see if you can figure out the Mystery Pic of the Week!

Last Week's Pic: A drain on the cafeteria floor

Winners: Bethany Matson

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What are you looking forward to doing over Spring break?

Senior Plans After High School-Not Everyone Chooses a 4 Year College

Gracie Brown

Gracie plans to attend Community College in Chrlotte, NC. She wants to persue the carrer path of phlebotomy!

Luke Richey

Luke plans to attend RCC and persue the carer path of business. Luke plans to apply what he learns from RCC to expand his own business!

Roxi Rayburn

Roxi plans to attend an educational institute in High Point, North Carolina to peruse the career path of massage therapy!

Mason Milles

Mason plans to attend a university of his choice to persue a career path in mechanical engineering!

Carmen Minton

Carmen plans to attend RCC to pursue a career in the therapy of her choice!

Carson Easley

Carson plans to attend RCC as well as joining the family business!

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