Learning Looks Different at Smith Middle School

Eric S. Smith Middle School is a keystone of a school district that has a rich history and proven record of achievement in academics, athletics and arts. Smith forms an important bridge between the foundation of elementary school and the responsibility of high school. We are very proud of what our students accomplish, and we hope your Smith experience will be both educational and fulfilling.

If you have questions about any of Smith’s programs, please contact Principal Andrew Herre at aherre@ramsey.k12.nj.us or 201-785-2313.

A Commitment to Real-World Skills

An education at Smith School includes courses in Foods and Nutrition, where students prepare foods in state-of-the-art kitchens. Many schools have done away with this kind of program, but ours gives students yet another place where they can put coursework from math and science into practice and learn important life skills.

Student Wellness

Middle school is a time of transition, when adolescents face new challenges and experience a tremendous period of growth. Smith School provides a safe and stigma-free environment with social/emotional programming and transition supports. We help students grow from their experiences with newfound competencies.

Beyond the Classroom

Smith’s robust curriculum is enhanced by supplemental programs and resources. Pictured are students on the Bio Bus, a mobile science lab that gives teachers and students access to laboratory research microscopes and equipment. We’re also updating all science labs to ensure that our students have state-of-the-art spaces that support our curriculum.

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