General Questions:

Q: How do I join the Google group to get team updates?

A: Send an email to CSURamsCycling+subscribe@googlegroups.com to get on our email list and receive all news on the team.

Q: Who can join CSU Cycling?

A: Any student - graduate or undergrad can join! You must be registered for classes to race collegiate races and you must be a full-time student. To be eligible to go to any Collegiate Nationals Championships, stop by our meetings or email our officers to sign up.

Q: Do I have to try out or be selected to join the team?

A: Rams Cycling Team is open to any student or faculty member interested in joining. No prior racing experience is necessary, in fact some of our members have never raced before while others are semi professionals. Alumni and cyclists in the community may join the Friends of Rams Cycling.

Q: Do I have to race to be on the team?

A: No, we have members who don't race at all and have fun at team meetings and on rides. If you aren't sure about racing, we would be glad to answer your questions, just email us or come to one of the meetings.

Q: What does it cost to join CSU Cycling?

A: If you want to race, you will be required to pay a due of $200

Q: What do I get for my membership fees?


  • Discount on team apparel

  • Sponsor discounts on bikes, eye wear, etc.

  • Free entry to our home races, a $30 value (per race)

  • Most travel expenses paid for

Q: Does the team have a storage place for my expensive bike?

A: The best place to keep you bike safe is in your dorm room. It is recommended that you loft your bed. Housing and Dining do not do this for you anymore but the beds can still be lofted, and you can keep you bikes in your room. You could also consider investing in a bike rack that holds your bikes vertically. The team doesn't have a storage area for bikes. Be sure to bring a beater bike to get around town.

Q: Does the team give me a bike?

A: No, however we encourage you to join even if your current bike is a decade old. Joining the team will also put you in contact with teammates looking to upgrade their own bikes, and most of us will lower our asking price for people on the team.

Q: Can Grad or Non traditional students join the team?

A: Yes, anyone taking classes at CSU can be a part of the team. In fact, each year we have masters and PhD students racing for us at conference and National level events.

Q: Can I get a jersey and other team clothing even if I don't race?

A: All team members can buy team clothing at prices below retail.

Q: Does the team do anything besides race?

A: Yes! Joining the team is a great way to meet people and find good riding on Colorado's front range. We organize group rides in all cycling disciplines throughout the year which are open to all team members, and you can always find a group to suit your ability level or push you to another. We hold regular meetings on Monday nights and hold rider clinics and rides. In addition we have a few 'off the bike' get-togethers every year

Racing and Rides:

Q: What kind of racing does the team focus on?

A: Rams Cycling Team focuses on mountain bike racing in the fall and road racing in the spring as well as track in the summer/fall, cyclocross in the fall/winter and BMX in the spring. In the Fall there are about six mountain bike race weekends(dh, xc and short track). In the Spring there about eight race weekends within our conference (road, crit and tt).

Q: Who can race?

A: Anyone on the team with a functioning bike can race. If you don't have a bike, we'll help you find one! As spots on the team traveling to nationals are limited, a selection or the top "A" riders will be made during the season.

Q: Are there separate women's races?

A: Yes, women's races are held separate from men's. Men and women race on the same course with different times and distance for each category.

Q: What are the racing categories?

A: This year Collegiate racing categories will match up with USA Cycling categories a bit more rigidly than in years past. "A" category is for category 1-3 on the road and Pro/1/2 for mountain biking, "B" is for cat 3-4 in both disciplines, and "C" is for cat 5/beginner. Due to the new rules, you can no longer put yourself in the category of your choice, you have to race in the category equivalent to your USA Cycling license. If you don't have a USA Cycling license then you are automatically a Cat 5, and thus a 'C' in Collegiate racing. If you're USAC license says "cat 2" then you will race with the 'A' field, "cat 4" with the B's, and so on. Cat 3 road racers may chose to race either A's or B's. The upgrade process is the same as it is in USAC racing, and is explained here.

Q: What about BMX, track and cyclocross racing?

A: The Rams Cycling Team currently has small but competitive teams in BMX, track and 'cross. We are always looking for riders interested in these disciplines. While there is no track in Fort Collins, the close proximity of the track in Colorado Springs provides the team with convenient training facilities.

Q: Does the team hold regular rides?

A: Rides are usually announced at meetings or through our email list. They may also be posted at RamsCycling.com/calendar. As cycling is very much an individual sport, many of racers trains in smaller groups or two or three.

Q: Can I keep my own individual sponsor while on Rams Cycling Team?

A: Yes, can keep your individual sponsors. Many of our members belong to amateur or professional teams and compete with them when not racing collegiate races.

Cost to Race & Sponsorship:

Q: What other funding is available for members of the cycling team?

A: At CSU, as with almost every collegiate cycling team in the US, cycling is a Club Sport, meaning we receive minimal funding from the school. CSU has a wide variety of options to help pay for school, to learn about the scholarships and financial aid available click here.

Q: Does the team pay to the cost of travel to races?

A: The team will help pay for a large part of the cost, including team vans and housing at most races. Team members will be expected to pay entry fees for most races (~$20).

Q: What do team sponsors provide?

A: Sponsor provide equipment, food and money to help the team performs at its best. Special deals are available to team members, that information will be provided once you join the team.


Q: I've graduated from CSU, can I be involved?

A: Yes! Sign up for our newsletter to get started by emailing csu-cycling-newsletter+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

Q: I still have more questions, who should I talk to?

A: To contact the officers, email csuramscycling@gmail.com. You can also DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

Q: What if I have never raced before?

A: No problem! Many people that join the team are new to racing. We have plenty of experienced people that can help you out.