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Families that require Meal Modifications or have special dietary concerns are to contact their child's school nurse or the Food Service Director @ for further guidance

Welcome to Suffern Central School District -  Food Service Department "Lunch Lines"

Aramark K-12 Education welcomes you back to the new school year. As your school district’s food service provider, our primary goal is promoting your students’ overall well-being and growth with nutritious menus; innovative, student inspired dining environments; and wellness education programs that support their achievement! 

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Have a great school year!

Our Menu Philosophy

Aramark is committed to providing safe, nutritious food, prepared fresh daily. We align with prominent global food companies to buy the highest quality products available. Our menus are created from an extensive database of age-segmented recipes, developed by our Culinary Team (of dietitians, chefs, and purchasing specialists) and manufacturer partners. We collaborate with parents to accommodate the dietary requirements of students with special needs. For your students, we offer a variety of meal choices with one goal in mind:

To provide outstanding service and high quality “kid-friendly” meals that meet or exceed the latest federal and state requirements. 

To reach this goal, we:

• Work directly with food companies to set new industry standards for healthier foods, by requiring all key products meet our criteria to reduce or eliminate fats, salt and sugars, and to add whole grains. 

• Incorporate wholesome, natural ingredients and source foods rich in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, like whole grain breads, pastas and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables (local when available); low fat or non-fat milk; other reduced fat dairy options; and lean, low fat chicken, beef and fish.

• Source high quality, safe foods with no added trans fats; hormone- and antibiotic-free dairy products; poultry raised without hormones and with only humane use of antibiotics; sustainably produced seafood; and cage-free eggs.

• Use minimally-processed foods, and foods without artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup, wherever possible.

The products and cooking methods we use conserve food quality and nutrients, while limiting the addition of fats and eliminating frying. So although you may see popular items like pizza and chicken nuggets on your menus, be assured that your child’s meal selections are lower in fat and salt, and contain healthy whole grains 

Our Wellness Commitments

1. Serve nutritious menus that exceed current USDA requirements and meet individual State requirements for all students.

2. Promote participation in National School Breakfast Program in a variety of settings including in the cafeteria and classroom as well as mobile cart solutions.

3. Offer healthy, nutrient dense snacks and healthy meal options for after school programs and special events.

4. Encourage healthy lifestyles by linking nutrition messaging with the foods we serve.

5. Employ proven techniques to encourage students to try new healthy foods.

6. Buy locally, partner with organizations to procure sustainable foods, and support school gardens to help schools become more “environmentally friendly.”

7. Provide quality service to our students and our customers with an engaged, committed staff.

8. Train and encourage staff to be good stewards of water and energy in schools; Support composting, recycling and green cleaning for healthy school environments, where possible.

9. Advance employee knowledge and sensitivity to health and wellness education through training and communication resources.

10. Engage in legislative advocacy on behalf of our nation’s students.

Special Event Promotions

In addition to wellness menu specials, we also have special event and holiday promotions customized for each school. These celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving; national events like National Nutrition Month and Earth Day; and school-specific events, such as homecoming or the Spring dances. Here are some examples:

Nutrition Education

Our nutrition education programs encourage students’ development of healthy lifestyle habits and communicate the basics of good nutrition.

FUEL Menu (secondary SCHOOLS)

The FUEL program features monthly menu specials, developed by our chefs and nutritionists, to generate excitement by introducing new recipes or putting new twists on popular favorites. Designed for middle and high school students, FUEL combats menu fatigue and reinforces the connection between healthy, flavorful meals and performance at school.

ACE Nutrition Mascot Program (ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS)

Throughout the school year, our elementary school nutrition mascot, ACE and his friends, share the Stay Healthy wellness message through a monthly program. Enrolled students receive an educational gift with nutrition fun facts that reinforce the importance of healthy eating, regular exercise and getting plenty of sleep. Please visit to learn more.

This year’s theme is Action ACE! Each month, ACE and his elementary friends will provide students with exciting educational information about fruits and vegetables. This program will also encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Focus on Breakfast

Numerous studies have shown that breakfast improves attendance, behavior, and performance in school. Developing the breakfast habit at an early age also helps students maintain a healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced breakfast provides the fuel their bodies demand to stay energized and alert throughout the day, while eliminating the desire to overindulge between meals.

AMP Up with Breakfast™

A comprehensive breakfast program that provides students with an opportunity to jump start their days with a healthy and nutritious meal. The program includes a wide variety of great-tasting morning favorites that are fun, portable, nutritious, and delicious, such as:

• Fresh whole fruits and fruit in juice • Whole grain cereals • Packaged, healthy breakfast favorites for today’s “on the go” students • Yogurt and smoothie beverages • 100 percent juices 

AMP Up with Breakfast™ accommodates a variety of student needs with options including:

• Breakfast in the classroom • Breakfast in the café • On-the-go breakfast convenience cart

USDA Information

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