Renaissance Academy Book Fairs

We are so excited about our book fair, Books Bring us Together! The online and in person fair will be open until 10/1/2021.

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Check out our student-made advertisements below!

Mrs Alvira's Class

Mr Gebert's Class

They rock!

A Student drawn image- I love reading!
A student drawing of Harry Potter Books
A student made drawing of a girl dreaming of many things with the phrase- Reading Can Take You Anywhere!
A Student drawn image of a girl reading on a bench- So Many Books!
A boy reading with his dog
A boy sharing his favorite book, Harry Potter
A boy in a Santa outfit holding up Captain underpants, his favorite book!

Mrs. Qureshi's Class

A girl and a dog reading a book together

Emma and her friend enjoying a book together!

Mrs. Holdsworth's Class

A boy reading a book to his dog in a doggy cone of shame

Cooper & Kylie

Mrs. Holdsworth

A picture of a girl reading a book and the words, Hey Readers! Visit the book Fair!

By Rylee L.

Mrs. Holdsworth's Class

Come to the book fair and enjoy a lot of books in rainbow colored letters

By Mason L

Mrs. Holdsworth's Class

Time Machine Day! Show off your time machine!

A white door with pink curtains and lights and a sign that says, Mrs. D's Time Machine
A student in a red vest dressed like Marty McFly from Back to the Future checking his watch

M.s D's Time Machine and Marty McFly!

Two students dressed as characters from Back to the Future
A deloreon with the doors open and a sign that says Roads?  Where we are going we don't need roads.  We're going to the book fair.
A man in a vest standing under the open door of a car.
A shiny green time machine
Student standing in front of a Blue telephone booth