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Welcome to Raglan Active!

This site is all about keeping you ACTIVE! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be releasing a Raglan Active Video full of challenges and games for you do at home!

Are you a Raglan Active Champion?

We'd love for you to send in videos of you staying active at home, completing the challenges and playing the games. We'll add your names to the Raglan Active Leaderboards and you could see yourself in the next Raglan Active Video!

Ask your parents/carers to email your videos to a.flett@raglanschools.org.

If you would like a shout out in the next video or have any challenges for the Raglan Active team, please share them via Google Docs to Mr Flett.

Raglan Active Video Ep 3

In this Episode

Week 1 Challenges

Send in your videos for this week's challenges to a.flett@raglanschools.org

  • Soft Toy Knockout
  • Nutmeg Challenge
  • Speed Bounce Championships
  • Toilet Roll Kick Ups
  • Don't forget to send us your celebrations as well.

Thank you for sending in your challenges to a.flett@raglanschools.org. Keep sending them in. You can enter more than once!

In this Episode

Other Ways to Stay Active

Joe Wicks is doing daily workouts for children!

Check out his channel here

Send you workout videos to a.flett@raglanschools.org to be included in the next Raglan Active video!

Just Dance

Mr Flett loves a dance and Just Dance is always the first place he goes to find some new moves! Dance along and send your videos in to a.flett@raglanschools.org to be included in the next Raglan Active video!

Here's a youtube playlist for you to try out!

Indoor Activities

Change for Life (NHS) have come up with loads of fun games that you can play whilst you're indoors

Check them out here!

Are You A Super Mover?

Check out Super Movers on CBBC for great ways to stay active at home!

We'd love to see some videos of you escaping the Space invaders. Send your videos into a.flett@raglanschools.org

Click on the link here

Premier League Primary Stars

The Premier League have released some great activities for children to do at home.

You can check them out here