Welcome to the resources page of Listening Clubs, an open model designed by Radio Ambulante to facilitate face-to-face conversations around a podcast. Any podcast.

We created this methodology along with the toolkit so that anyone can organize a club and talk about the stories they find relevant. We encourage you to explore the resources and adapt them to the needs of your own club.

But before we move forward, here's a very important clarification: Radio Ambulante Listening Clubs are organized solely by our team. Listening Clubs + can be organized independently by any listener of the podcast. Due to legal reasons, we can't take responsibility for anything that happens in independent events.

It's exciting for us to know that you're listening to our episodes as a community, and we’ve prepared these materials to ensure you have the best experience possible. Enjoy!

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Introduction to Radio Ambulante Listening Clubs

How they work

LC Handbook_ENG.pdf

We interviewed more than 200 participants during the pilot program of Listening Clubs. Here are some of the results:


of participants

said that the Listening Clubs allow them to have a deeper understanding of the stories.


of participants

stated that the clubs help them to have conversations they can’t have in other spaces.


of participants

agree that the quality of the communication is higher in the clubs than on social media.

99 percent of participants said they wanted to keep participating in the clubs.

This is where we've been… now it’s your turn.

Do you already have a time and place for your Listening Club? Tell us more about it here. We want to help you however we can.