Improve Digital Marketing with precise Geo-Targeting

Unique solutions for Retail, Hospitality and Showrooms

RAAMP founder, Ian Roberts has a successful track record in all aspects of marketing. With a unique blend of analytical and digital marketing skills, Ian helps organisations get actionable insights from data and improve performance of digital and traditional marketing with precise geo-targeting.

RAAMP's unique solutions for retail combined with expert analytics help customers identify and reach target market(s). Our services include mobile sensors, geo-spatial matching, Google mapping and geo-targeted audience specification for Adwords, Facebook and DM marketing programs.

GLOSSTM "Geo-Location Outlet Sensor System" is the world’s first Mobile to Cloud Consumer Tracking System. GLOSSTM enables you to see exactly what’s happening around your shop or building, track movements and understand and improve customer engagement.

Our services enable businesses to:

  • Identify and target customer zones or areas
  • Reduce wastage and deliver a significant return on marketing spend
  • Identify value-added opportunities
  • Learn from insights and build customer loyalty and spend

Contact or Follow Ian:

0403 077 072