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Telling Empathetic, Engaging, Diverse Stories

Writing, Directing, Editing, Visual Effects, Music

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LOGLINE: After switching bodies with a pop icon, an aspiring singer's dreams come true, while her doppelgänger is forced to pick up the burdens she gladly left behind


LOGLINE: In a starving America of the near future, a wealthy black corporate executive is forced to give up her comfortable life to go undercover and risk her life to take down the rebels stealing food from her employer, eventually facing the choice between family, contentment and moral responsibility.


LOGLINE: In a reimagining of Pygmalion, the basis for MY FAIR LADY, a black salon worker hires an image consultant to transform her into an Instagram influencer but the metamorphosis is too costly.


Moviemaking Super Duo

A multi-talented entertainment professional - a one man production company

Left and right brained screenwriter with an eye towards directing & showrunning



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