Richard Moore and the Underground Railroad

Richard Moore lived in the Quakertown Community throughout the early 19th Century. Aside from being a schoolteacher and owning a pottery business, he was also an important conductor on the Underground Railroad. Throughout the era prior to the Civil War, Richard Moore saw over 600 escaped slaves safely travel through his home, now found on Main Street in Quakertown, PA.

On September 14th 2019, a historical marker will be placed outside this private residence to honor Richard Moore as an important figure in local and Pennsylvania History. We must also recognize that Richard Moore took significant risks to allow escaped African American slaves, their families, and the generations that followed, the opportunity to become their own leaders in the communities they chose after escaping bondage.


Please consider purchasing a copy of the upcoming book "Richard Moore and the Underground Railroad at Quakertown" by local authors, historians and community members Dr. Robert Leight and Thomas Moll.

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