Music Education
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Elements of Music: Steady Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Melody, Harmony, Form, (structure) Tempo (Speed) Timbre, (tone of individual instruments) Texture (tone of several instruments combined) and Dynamics (expression, articulation, soft/loud).

Students learn about the elements of music through: Movement/Dance, Playing Instruments, Singing, Creating, Musical Games, Technology, Theory, Creating and Performing.

*Due to Covid at this time singing and playing recorders are not being taught.

Ahndrah leads!

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I graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Music Education Degree, from the University of Boulder, Colorado. I fell in love with teaching in public schools after teaching a 3rd grade class what I love doing most, music! I've loved teaching, playing piano/guitar/singing and writing music. Bradley is an amazing community and school to work and I'm honored to be able to teach and share one of my greatest joys. (Husband Scott w/Daughter Hannah)