Mr. Peterson

Monte Vista Middle School

Hello! My name is Austin Peterson and this is my first year at Monte Vista Middle School. I will be teaching 7th grade History and English as well as the 21st century writing elective. I am very excited to be a part of the Monte Vista family and getting to know my students and their families this year.


I am big believer in communication between the important players in a students education, students, parent, and teacher. Every student will have access to Google Classroom that will have everything we do in class or for homework available. This will include presentations, readings, assignments, videos, and anything else used in class. My goal is to make sure each post has the date and designation of CLWK (classwork) or HMWK (homework) so there is no confusion as to what needed to be done when. This a great tool for students that are absent or need to spend a little extra time on things done in class.

Please feel free to email me at I will respond as quick as I can!

I am very excited for this coming school year!

-Austin Peterson

Wish List:

  • tissue
  • hand sanitizer
  • lysol wipes
  • legal size paper

History 7 Assignments