Mr. Peterson

Monte Vista Middle School

Welcome to History 7 and 8 with Mr. P!

Q2 Zoom Times

Welcome to my Teacher Page! Here you will find information about me, our class, distance learning, assignments, due date, and any important information! If you have questions, students you can email me through gmail at, and parents/guardians can reach me at!

Hello! My name is Austin Peterson and this is my third year at Monte Vista Middle School. I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade History. I am very excited to be a part of the Monte Vista family and getting to know my students and their families this year.


I am big believer in communication between the important players in a students education, students, parent, and teacher. Every student will have access to Google Classroom that will have everything we do in class or for homework available. This will include presentations, readings, assignments, videos, and anything else used in class.

Parents, please feel free to email me at I will respond as quick as I can! Students you can email me through my Gmail account at


You can view what assignments we are currently working as well as the due dates on the subject pages found at the top of this page. With Distance Learning, students should not be working on assignments outside the class period. If you as the student notice you are having a hard time finishing assignments during the class period, please email me and we can work out a solution. Parents if you notice this, please let me know so we do the same.


Each class, we have created a social contract that outlines exactly how we, as a class, have agreed to treat one anther in class. All students, teachers, and guests will be expected to follow the guidelines every day.

Students should be logging onto our virtual classroom each day and working on independent assignments during the period when not on Zoom.

I know this is different but I think this is an amazing opportunity for all of us to learn and grow while embracing the benefits of technology! I am very excited for this coming school year!

-Austin Peterson