Welcome to Elementary School Counseling

La Mariposa Monday-Tuesday

Dos Caminos Wednesday-Friday

Scroll down to find video messages and books I read to stay connected with the families of LMS and DCS.

Dear Families,

We are all in the process of coming together to take the first steps of a huge new counseling and educational journey as Pleasant Valley School District brings remote support and learning to our students.

While none of us could have predicted, even a few weeks ago, that we would launch this new transition in counseling, I am here to help in anyway that I can. Things have moved very quickly and I am working hard to create online opportunities for your student to connect with me.

I am available to you and your student with any questions, concerns or support as needed. Please e-mail me at Bparkin@PleasantValleySD.org with your name, student's name and the school your student attends. Please include a phone number as well. I will get back to you as soon as I am able to. When receiving a call from me, it will most likely show up as a blocked number or potential spam.

Stay well and please return to this site for further resources, videos and information as we progress through this uncharted territory.

Take Care,

Bonnie Parkin, M.Ed PPSC, LPCC