Power Builders

Dear Parents,

Thank you for helping your child build a strong foundation for mathematic competency and success. Just as you cannot build a house without first building a solid foundation, success in math requires mastery of basic mathematics facts. This fundamental knowledge is integral to understanding all mathematics concepts and operations, and students with confidence in basic facts will be well-equipped to understand more complex levels of math.

The overall goal of the K-3 Power Builders Program is to attain mastery of basic math facts so they no longer have to use thinking strategies (the computational strategies that students use to make sense of the facts and find answers when they have not yet memorized them.)

The key components to mastery and success using our program include the following:

  • Individualization
  • Strategic order
    • Number sense
    • Sums and differences to numbers 1-10
    • Sums and differences to numbers 11-20
    • Concluding with multiplication and division
  • Alignment with current Math Curriculum
  • Useful tricks and strategies
  • Adult-directed lessons
  • Repetition
  • One-on-one practice
  • Digital component
  • Multiple Intelligence practice suggestions