Pioneer Valley On The Move

At PVOTM, located in Westfield, MA, you will have one-on-one care by myself, a physical therapist and movement specialist. Every client receives individual treatment based on their presentation and goals. I treat those who are injured, and those who are looking for preventative care to avoid injury. I am also a certified running gait analyst, and provide specific movement assessments for runners.  Making very specific changes in running alignment can make you more efficient and allow you to run faster and avoid injury. Whether you are a new or seasoned runner, or an active person who wants to stay fit, healthy, and mobile, there is a program for you. 

Physical THerapy

Physical Therapy Evaluations consist of a thorough, detailed evaluation of your injury/pain to find the origin of the issue. Physical Therapy Treatments consist primarily of exercise/movement based therapy. I also believe in empowering the patient to understand their condition and how to prevent recurrence.  1 hour, all sessions one-on-one. Will include preventative assessments and re-evaluations as necessary.

Running Gait Analysis

I offer a 2D Running Gait Analysis, which is a detailed evaluation of an individual’s running mechanics.  Following the analysis, you will receive specific cues, drills, and exercises to improve your running form. Making very specific changes in running alignment can make you more efficient and allow you to run faster while avoiding injury. The Runner Readiness Assessment is included in the Running Gait Analysis. 1 hour, one-on-one.

Runner readiness assessment

Analysis of a series of functional movements which are required for an efficient gait. From the Runner Readiness Assessment, a specific exercise program will be provided for you. 30 minutes, one-on-one.

Return to run

Looking to return to running following an injury? This program provides individual guidelines and progressions to begin safely running again, whether you are a sprinter, middle distance, or long distance runner.  It is designed for individuals who are no longer in pain, and can fully weight bear on their legs. The program begins with mobility, strength, and balance exercises to improve body symmetry and strength, and progresses into plyometric exercises to improve your ability to accept forces in running and improve stride mechanics. Running gait analysis and gait retraining included. Timeframe varies for each individual; typically, 3-12 weeks. All sessions are 1 hour.

loading assessment

Analyze how your body responds to incremental loads, such as jumping and other plyometric movements. Having an efficient spring helps to absorb and return energy as you run, which leads to improved running economy. Based on the results from the Loading Assessment, you will receive an individual exercise program.  30 minutes, one-on-one.


Facilitated stretching is a guided active stretching technique used to improve range of motion and flexibility. This program is for those who do not have a current injury nor pain.

Program Highlights:

There are 4 major body group programs: Upper Legs, Lower Legs, Arms, and Neck. Each body group is a one hour session. Individual sessions are $100. Packages are also available: 4 sessions for $360, or 8 sessions for $640.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Health New England, and UnitedHealthcare for Physical Therapy sessions. I am an out-of-network provider for all other insurance companies. Referrals are not required from physicians because I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and MA is a direct access state. Some insurances may require preauthorization for out-of-network providers. Understanding individual insurance plan benefits is the responsibility of the patient. I will be happy to provide you with a Superbill which is an itemized document that has all the necessary information to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement of services. HSA and FSA is also accepted. 

Preventative services (Running Gait Analysis, Runner Readiness Assessment, Loading Assessment) are not covered by insurance.  You may use HSA or FSA for these services.

Running Gait Analysis $175, follow-up Running Gait Re-training sessions $125, Return to Run Analysis $175, Return to Run follow-up appointments $125, Runner Readiness Assessment $75, Loading Assessment $75.

Out-of-network cost for a Physical Therapy Evaluation is $175, Physical Therapy Treatment sessions $125.  I offer a 6 visit package for physical therapy or preventative services for $630, and a 10 visit package for physical therapy or preventative services for $1,000

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-1:00pm or by appointment.

To Request An Appointment, contact Rachel Burke, PT, DPT at 413-454-1674 or

Fax number: 1-413-779-9038

about me

 I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University in 2008 and then went on to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 from Nova Southeastern University. I then became credentialed as a Mckenzie Certified Therapist in 2017. I have experience working as a physical therapist in multiple settings, focusing on outpatient therapy since 2018. I live in Westfield with my husband and two boys. My husband and I are continually training for triathlons and running races. I look forward to seeing you!



“Definitely recommend her and this evaluation. Professional, personable and informative. She is an amazing PT and a wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to many many miles of running with safe and good form. Thank you Rachel” -Dr. Nitin Bhatnagar regarding Running Gait Analysis

“I just did Rachel’s class on posture. So informative and absolutely worth taking an hour of your time. Can’t wait for another class to learn something new about making my body work better.”

“The Posture workshop offered ways to strengthen the spine that were practical and easy to work into any routine. Rachel gave personal attention to each of us. She is an active listener and answered our group and individual questions with care.”

"Dr. Rachel Burke of Pioneer Valley on the Move provides personal physical therapy to her patients. She does a fantastic job of listening to her patients and what they need, and offers valuable insight and practical solutions to the problems they are facing. As a professional musician, I struggle with an overuse injury, and Dr. Burke listened to me, assessed my posture and offered me an individualized plan to move towards correcting these problems. I would strongly recommend you visit Dr. Burke to start your journey towards a healthier, happier life."  

"I'm so happy to be working with you! I have realized that over time you have come to know me. It makes a difference. It's amazing how you can tell how my running is on a day without even looking up just by listening to my feet on the treadmill. You know when I'm tired and the running is off. The weekly sessions and exercises I do every day are helping me. Can't than you enough."

"My knee issues were cured in 3 weeks with the simplest exercises she gave me to do. HIGHLY recommend Rachel to anyone suffering."

"My 13 year old daughter had severe knee pain from running on her track team. We visited Rachel for an evaluation and walked out with hope...and a lot of guidance. Rachel was kind, patient and thorough, and I am grateful to her for getting D back on track."