The great work at Putnam Valley recognized by the Green Schools National Network Catalyst!

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Sustainability Week 2018

Garden Club!

Left: Putnam Valley Middle School Garden Club. Right: Putnam Valley Elementary School Garden Club

Garden Club is in full swing at PVMS!

Shout out to Mr. Danko for building the raised beds!

Trash-Free Lunch

What we did...

What is a waste-free lunch?

  • Start with a reusable lunchbox
  • Pack your food in reusable containers.
  • Use a refillable drink bottle
  • Include reusable utensils.
  • Add a cloth napkin.

Typical PVES Lunch Trash

collection on 5/7/18

11 bags of Trash!

PVES Trash- Free Lunch

collection on 5/14/18

7 bags of trash!

Students participating in Trash-free lunch at PVMS

Crayola Color Cycle Initiative:

What we did...

Crayola Color Cycle

Success Story!

Ban The Bag!

Success Story!

6th Grade Community Outreach Project