Middle School English

Need Miss Nichols?

Contact Hours:

6:30am - 5:30pm on school days

If you are a soccer athlete or parent, I will be available during practices or games on Saturdays as well.

Get to Know Your English Teacher

Professional Background, Sports, Interests, Family


Expect to have homework from at least one of your classes every night. I recommend reading for at least 30 minutes per night.

Student Work Examples

Are you interested in looking at some of the AMAZING things that you or your child has accomplished? This section is to show off student work.

MS Procedures & Expectations

The middle school is a team. Because of this, all middle school students are expected to follow the same rules and procedures and are held to the same expectations. If you need a reminder of these, this is the place to go!

Girls' Soccer

The girls' soccer team is a family. We practice together, we play together, and we win games together! If you're interested in joining the team or seeing what we are up to lately, look into this page.