Home Organization

If you can relate to even just one of these questions, then you have come to the right place. First of all, you are not alone. You do not have to let chaos consume you. I want to help you. 

In-Home Services

In-home sessions allow us to collaborate to create a vision for your home organization.  I will help reduce clutter, create effective systems, or pack/unpack your items.  In-home services include hauling away items to donate at the end of our session.  

3-5 hour sessions, $50/hour

Virtual Sessions

The same as In-home in regards to decluttering first to create better systems or prepare for a move or just reduce the overall clutter in your home.  Virtual sessions allow you to get work done while I send encouragement along the way when you get stuck or overwhelmed.  

1-3 hour sessions, $40/hour

Simplicity Coaching

Simplicity Coaching includes weekly 30-minute calls to either work towards a goal or continue with maintenance after a few In-Home sessions.  I will teach you tips on how to keep your home sustainable with more peace and less clutter.

 4-month commitment, $167/month or $597 paid in full

Your Chaos Coordinator

My name is Tammy Bartels.

I am not your typical professional organizer.  I am your real-life functional organizer.  I help simplify your home and daily life while making it sustainable for you and your family.  I focus on simplicity and living with less which does not mean you have to be a minimalist, but it does mean you cannot organize when you have too much.  

Clearing the clutter, setting boundaries, and creating systems are the foundation of calming the chaos.  I want to show women that living a life of pursuit over perfection is possible.

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