Hailey Ruggia 3rd Grade Math

Hello everyone! My name is Hailey Ruggia and I teach 3rd grade Math, Spelling, and Science. Please feel free to explore my site and contact me with any questions! I hope you have a wonderful day!


8:00 -8:15- Attendance and morning work

8:15-8:45- A.M. Intervention

8:45-10:50- A.M. Class

10:50-11:40- Lunch/ Recess

11:50-12:30- Student Activity/ Teacher Plan

12:30-12:45- Switch Classes

12:45-1:15- P.M. Intervention

1:15-2:55- P.M Class

2:55-3:00- Pack up/ Dismissal

Contact Info:

Hailey Ruggia

E-mail: ruggiah@purcellps.org

School Phone: 527-2146 ext. 502

Building: Purcell Intermediate School Room 202


Please remember to study your math facts!!!