School-based Decision Making Councils

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Updated Regularly

Updated July 2022

Restricted Access

Policies and Bylaws

Legally-Required Policies

Updated July 2022

  1. Advanced Courses (MS & HS Only)

  2. Alignment with State Standards

  3. Committees

  4. Consultation

  5. Curriculum

  6. Discipline/Classroom Management/Safety

  7. Emergency Management

  8. Enhancing Student Achievement

  9. Extracurricular Programs

  10. Instructional/Non-Instructional Staff Time Assignment

  11. Instructional Practices

  12. Parent and Family Engagement (Title I Schools Only)

  13. Program Appraisal

  14. School Day/Week Schedule

  15. School Space Use

  16. Student Assignment

  17. Technology Use

  18. Wellness (ES Only)

  19. Bylaws are not required by law, but they are necessary.

Recommended Policies by KASC

Updated July 2022

  1. Budget and Spending Decisions

  2. Professional Development

  3. School Improvement Planning

  4. Primary K-3

Suggested Policies by KASC

Updated July 2022

  1. Classroom Assessment

  2. Parent and Family engagement (non-Title I Schools)

  3. Wellness (MS & HS)

Discontinued Policies

Updated July 2022

Writing Program - The writing policy is no longer legally required. There are required updates coming to the curriculum policy in 2022 which should eliminate the need for a separate writing policy.

Sample Policies

Updated July 2022

I've converted KASC's sample policies to Google Docs format, and edited them to better match our needs. I only update these once each year, but you can check KASC's website for the most recent updates if you're a member.

KDE also has sample policies (starting on p. 116). In my opinion they aren't as readable, they aren't updated as frequently, and they are only available in PDF format so aren't easily editable.