The Ukulele Group has got off to a great start this year with between 70 -80 children showing interest in learning for the year. By the beginning of Term 2 the children will be deciding whether to commit to lessons for the rest of the year. We meet at lunchtimes on Wednesday. We have fun learning some basic chords so we can sing and play together. This activity does not cost anything but it does require enthusiasm and commitment. The children do not have to have their own ukulele as there is a small number of school ukulele’s that can be shared. However, their skills will progress at a quicker rate if they have a ukulele at home to practice on. If you are thinking of purchasing one, please see me first as some ukuleles do not stay in tune and can be frustrating. Many children have started with the ukulele and have gone on to learn other instruments as well.

Mrs Reid