What I do...

I can offers a range of services that compliment each other in the production of your website. If you look at my previous work, I've worked on many projects with varying budgets. Having run my own ecommerces business for 17 years, I fully understand what's required to build a website that delivers products and services.

Meet clients locally

Initial meeting to discuss the project by video chat since Covid19.

Work in a timely manner

Realistic time frames to complete your project, including editing & amendments.

Setup email & accounts forwarding

Have email accounts for different areas of your business.

EG. socialmedia@yourdomainname.co.uk

Build your website

I build your website with your vision and goals at the centre of its conception.

Purchase your domain for you

I can purchase your domain for you and manage this for you.

Provide UK Cloud web hosting

This stores your website on the internet.

Write your website copy / text

I'm happy to work with you on your website text.

Shoot short video content

Video can have a huge impact on your website.

Work with your existing branding

Whatever your brand lets brag about it.

Photography - Shoot bespoke images

Your own images will make your brand orginal and authentic.

Make sure your brand is reflected in your website.

Let's pull everything together for a professional cohesive look and feel.

Photography - I can search for stock images to reflect your business.

Photography can make your website stand out from the rest.

Emailed invoicing for your records

Invoicing is easy to manage for your accounts/tax returns.

Social media postings management

I can write your social media posts to drive your audience engagement.

Regular update chats during the build

I will provide regular updates on your website build.

One off website build cost

There is only one build charge for your website design.

Website maintenance

Maintaining your website is important for SEO and improving your search engine ranking. Your website will be in front of more people when searching.

Easy management for adding additional images / content once completed

Adding small additional amendments to your website are usually actioned within 48 hours from receipt of your email instruction. (These changes are chargeable)

Marketing support

Are you using the right method for sharing your brand services and getting more business?

Social media graphics creation

Producing consistant graphics is a important element in projecting your brand image.

All websites built are for all devices, operating systems & browsers

My products can be viewed on any device or operating system.

Editing your images

I edit your images and add your corporate logo branding.

Branded logo design & house styles created

Update your logo, corporate colours & font selection to compliment your brand.

Single page promotional webpages

Terms and Conditions will apply

Things to think about

With an extensive background in working with brands of varying sizes, I can offer ideas and suggestions in developing your brand. Since Covid19 in March 2020, e-commences has seen a significant increase majorly via Amazon. and other mainstream online providers.

Evidence suggests that consumers are now looking for products that are well made, fit for their purpose, will last longer and made in the UK. Probably most importantly is that it comes from someone small in the local community to them. Now obviously not everything can be made local. Veg boxes have recently managed to become successful. As the media actively promote programmes around what we eat. Consumers are moving to buy local from local people. Could your business benefit from selling more to the local community? It’s not all about having a slick website costing thousands to build and maintain. In the old days, it was expensive to advertise, but every business was listed in the Yellow Pages Directory as a thick paper book. (with yellow papers!) Now everyone searches online via their phone, tablet or computer. Your own website offers you the opportunity to advertise & promote your business at all times. Controlling everything that a potential client/customer will see. Social media now heavily relies on marketing to you whenever you view any social media posts. This maintains the service as free to users. The drawback with using social media in some instants means that the platform controls your messages going out to your users/followers unless you pay. Now in most cases, this all works really fine and no complaints. However, on some occasions if you stream all your business through that platform and the company changes the algorithm and a business can collapse in days where the flow of visitors dries up very quickly. Having a clear strategy and plan can improve your chances of success by controlling your website.

If your interested in speaking more about how I might be able to help your business, just drop me a email and we can setup an online chat.