Google Applications

These are the tutorials we used during district Google training. You can select the information you need next.

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Gmail Filters

Teachers- You may want to set up filters in your Gmail in order to have email from your students (and/or parents) sent directly to a folder, and not clutter your inbox. Click here to see a short video on how to do this: Setting Up Gmail Filters with Richard Byrne.

TIP for Teachers- Give all your students a standard subject line for them to use when emailing you. That way you can easily set up a filter. For example have them use a subject line something like: Algebra 1, or Homework, or Period 2. Then all the emails with this subject will go directly to a folder with this this tag and they won't clutter up your inbox.

Google Teacher Tribe- a Blog for Teachers about using Google apps. Matt Miller and Kasey Bell are award winning Google certified teachers. They update their blog with tips and new features using Google apps in the classroom. A great blog to subscribe to.

Richard Byrne's You Tube Channel

Richard authors the site Free Tech For Teachers. He is a great tech teacher with simple, short lessons. His You Tube channel is one you might want to subscribe to, as he had great tips and is always on top of new apps (of all kinds) and additions to Google apps.

His Free Tech for Teachers site has a section devoted to his Google Tutorials.