Virtual Learning Tech Support

What is the process to get technical support?

The first step is to contact your teacher. If your teacher cannot resolve your issue please open a helpdesk ticket for TSS to troubleshoot further. You can open a ticket by calling (862) 286-7069 or emailing

What do I do if my Chromebook won't power on?

This is a known issue when a Chromebook is allowed to be fully discharged. Do NOT allow your Chromebook's battery to get to 0%. In some cases the Chromebook will power on if you leave the power cord connected overnight.

If this step does not work, enter a helpdesk ticket by emailing TSS will contact you directly to try additional troubleshooting steps.

What do I do if my camera and/or microphone doesn't work when using Google Meet or other online communication application?

Click on the Lock icon in the Address Bar (to the left of the Address)

Make sure that the Camera and Microphone are set to Allow. You must reload the page (you should receive a prompt) for the setting to take effect.

How do I log in to Clever?


  • Select log in with Google

  • Use the student's Google account

    • Username and password can be found in the Genesis Parent Portal

    • add to the student's username

What if I cannot find the application needed on my Clever page?

The teacher should enter a helpdesk ticket with the name of the application, and the name of the student affected. TSS will communicate directly with the teacher to troubleshoot this issue.