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In our final trimester of the school year, all grades shift from concepts based on operations and place value to more abstract concepts such as geometry, time and money.

With the use of technology and debit cards, students aren't exposed to coins and money as often as they may have been a decade ago! Encourage your child to count coins whenever they are available. Also, encourage your child to practice telling time on an analog clock. Even though we are surrounded by digital clocks everywhere, this skill is so important! Using phrases such as "quarter of," "quarter after" and "half past" are also helpful.

This trimester, many grade levels are working on learning basic multiplication and division facts or are applying those facts to more difficult concepts and algorithms.

Fact fluency is so important! Student recall of basic facts in about 3 seconds means a student has fact fluency.

There are so many ways to help your child practice fact fluency! Click the following links to find out what you can do at home to support these concepts.

Addition and Subtraction Practice

Multiplication and Division Practice

September - December 2017

This trimester, many of our math chapters focus on building number sense and place value skills.

You will see that as new lessons are introduced, students typically model the concept with math manipulatives or tools first. This helps build a foundational understanding of what they will be doing once they move on to abstract concepts. After modeling the idea, students will then work on drawing their own models or pictures. After that is understood, students will be encouraged to solve the problem without the use of tools, manipulatives or drawings. This idea of CONCRETE-REPRESENTATIONAL-ABSTRACT learning is imperative for building a strong understanding of WHAT is happening when students complete a standard algorithm in math.

Our district elementary math program aligns with the C-R-A structure to introducing new concepts. Parents often ask why students don't immediately learn how to add, subtract, multiply or divide "the way they learned." Guess what... they will! However, the steps taken before teaching standard algorithms of borrowing and regrouping build great number sense and allow the students to understand the concepts more completely.

The video below explains this idea further.

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