Welcome to Art

Winter 2021

We are so pleased to introduce our first Student Artist Showcase with

Grade 6 artist Dhara Patel!

Layered paper and grid drawing work in progress by quarter 3 students. Go to the 8th grade page at the top menu for more grid drawings!

The Collaborative Kindness Project has begun! Look for your opportunity to step into KIND whenever you can. Click the link to see CMS students that have stepped into KIND thus far!

Collaborative Kindness Project

See the Grade specific tabs above for more pictures of ongoing Artwork by Grade

Earth Day/Month April 2019 Collaborative Plastic Bottle Cap Project

7th Graders help with room beautification

Mini mountain landscapes by 6th grader Rishi P.

Check out the grade level tabs for a peak into our projects in progress. I will be posting each week.

Our students will soon be creating some of their own Portraits. Check out some interesting Portrait Artists below:

Want to know more about COLOR THEORY???

Click on the Interactive Color Wheel

below to see more information.