Welcome to Tōtara Team

Term Two, Three & Four Learning

During the early parts of Term Two (and again at the start of Term Three), we will continue to consolidate our focus on Learning to Learn. Then we move into our big focus for the rest of the year around -


Identity. Migration. Infrastructure.

Rights & Responsibilities. Resources.

We want learners who improve the lives of others and leave the world better than they found it.

Each class will follow the interests of their learners so the learning across the classes will not be identical but will be guided by the above concepts.

Literacy will be about developing the skills of research and summarising, while being able to transfer that information to another context such as writing a report.

Maths will focus on developing the range of strategies learners use in addition and subtraction and developing knowledge and ability around measurement.

As always, the Key Comptencies will continue to be an important foundation block for all Tōtara learners.

Term One Learning

Term One focuses on Learning to Learn. This term is all about learning how learning happens, getting to know ourselves as learners and what we can do to make sure our environment and the way we relate to others all help us to be the very best learners we can. Our ultimate goal is to take ownership of our learning.

We went to camp in Week 7 and this was an awesome opporuntity to learn about ourselves and others in a context outside of the school setting.