Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)

The MSBA Process

The Town of Harvard is collaborating with the Massachusetts School Building Authority on the Hildreth Elementary School project. The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) works in partnership with local communities to fund fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate schools. The MSBA is a quasi-public Authority that provides construction management, financial, audit, and administrative expertise to support the Commonwealth’s school districts throughout the school building construction process.

In its nine-year history, the MSBA has made more than $9.6 billion in reimbursements to cities, towns, and regional school districts for school construction projects. Districts receive payments from the MSBA as costs are incurred.

The following 8 Modules have been established by the MSBA to help Districts understand and complete the school building process:

  • Module 1 – Pre-Requisites
    • The MSBA requires the District to submit various information, including but not limited to: funding capacity information; existing maintenance practices; and design enrollment certification. The District has completed Module. 1.
  • Module 2 – Project Team
    • The MSBA requires the District to hire an Owner’s Project Manager and a design team utilizing MSBA standard templates and contracts. The District has completed Module 2. NV5 has been hired as the Owner's Project Manager and Arrowstreet will be serving as the project's designer for the feasibility and schematic design phases.

Module 3 – Feasibility Study

    • During this phase, the District works with its Owner’s Project Manager and design team to document its educational program, generate an initial space summary, document existing conditions, establish design parameters, develop and evaluate alternatives, and recommend the most educationally appropriate preferred solution to the MSBA Board of Directors for their consideration. The District has completed Module. 3.

Education Facility Planning with MSBA

  • Module 4 – Schematic Design
    • During this phase, the District and its team develop a final design program and robust schematic design. It must include an appropriate level of detail to establish the scope, budget, and schedule for the Proposed Project. The District has completed Module. 4.
  • Module 5 – Project Scope and Budget
    • At this point in the process, the MSBA Board of Directors establishes the MSBA’s financial participation in the project. The MSBA's Board of Directors voted to approve the project's scope and budget on November 20, 2013. The next step is for the MSBA and the District to enter into a Project Funding Agreement. The District has completed Module. 5.
  • Module 6 – Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Bidding
    • The District and its team advance the design, generate construction documentation, procure bids and award a construction contract in accordance with the agreed upon project scope, budget and schedule as documented by the MSBA. The District has completed Module. 6.
  • Module 7 – Construction Administration
    • The MSBA continues to monitor progress of the project to confirm that it remains on track and meets project expectations. The Project is currently under construction.
  • Module 8 – Project Closeout
    • The MSBA performs final audit to determine final total grant amounts and make final payment.