The Margaret Bromfield Blanchard Library

The Bromfield School

14 Massachusetts Avenue

Harvard, MA 01451

978-456-4152 ext. 1590

If you need assistance researching a school project, you may set-up an appointment with Mrs. Segaloff before/after school or during a study hall.

Fantasy Fiction Book Talks

Study Hall Pass Procedures

  • During the school day, students need to obtain a pass to come to the library. Please plan accordingly because, depending on whether there are classes being held in the library, there may or may not be passes available.
  • Passes are given in the morning, starting at 7:40, and for the first 5 minutes of each period for all high school students.
  • Check with Mrs. Segaloff to see if there is room in the library. If there is room, write your name on the sign-in sheet and get a pass from Mrs. Segaloff. Once you have your pass, please sign out of your study and leave your pass with the study hall teacher. Come back to the library and initial next to your name.
  • If you would like to return to your study, please make sure you sign out of the library and indicate where you are going. Please note that if you return to your study, you must stay in your study.

Study Hall Rules

  • Please use the FRONT door to enter and exit the library.
  • If you need to leave the library, please sign out in the black binder at the front circulation desk.
  • No food or drink allowed in the library! This includes water...
  • Voices should be kept at a respectful minimum.