Here you can access some important links by topic / unit.

Useful Tech Tools

Online Textbook login:

Book Creator Site. Create an account using your google login. Use to make your Non-Boring Chart:

Sample Non-boring Chart e-book by Mr. Wright

Flickr can be used to geotag pictures and create historical maps:

Diigo is a great research tool in which you can login with your gmail account in order to annotate, highlight, and take notes on all sorts of documents that you research and find online:

Prezi puts a bit of motion into a typical presentation slides project. Free basic account:

North American Geography

Link to our pre-assessment for U.S. Geography:

A game that helps you learn the locations of the 50 States:

Link to survey on Map Pre-Test:

For musical learners, this song may help you locate the states (a bit on the younger side, but fun)

Another good song, "Fifty Nifty United States." (passed on from a student)

A map that shows the territorial expansion of the United States over time:]

Explorer PBS videos:


Good information on each of the colonies:

Primary source on labor in the colonies:

Solid information on the middle colonies:

Excellent resources from Colonial Williamsburg (also a great blog to follow):

Salem Witch Trials Article on the trial of Martha Corey to be read for class:

Colonial Period Stories by Topic:

Solid narrative on the French and Indian War:

A timeline site on the French and Indian War (please hit "fast forward" to move to the next year):

A well done concise summary of the French and Indian War by students at another school:


A bit more background on the Sugar Act:

Excellent article on the Boston Massacre:

What you might not know about the Boston Tea Party:

Short article summary of the Boston Tea Party:

Great film clip on the drama that became the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Credit to Tea Party Museum:

Timeline to the Revolution:

Celebrity Reading of the Declaration of Independence:

Liberty! A variety of Revolution resources:

State populations at the the time of the Constitutional Convention:

Quizlet link on the Key terms for the Pre-Revolution Test (generated by a student)

Nice Article on determining who the real Molly Pitcher is:


A site that breaks down each section of the constitution with an easy to use explanation:

Games and resources for learning about civics:

Steps for a Bill to Become a Law from Kids in the House:

Marbury v. Madison Lesson from class:

Screencast review of Checks and Balances:

Early Presidents-

A great reference for each of the Presidents. Really good information for your Early Presidents Project:

Great information breakdown for our first president, George Washington:

President Washington's life slideshow:

War of 1812 Reasons for and against sound clips:

A quizlet link on the Test Vocab (thanks to Riley)


A map that traces out major steps in U.S. Expansion:


Link to information about many abolitionist leaders:

Excellent article on Prohibition for you Temperance reformers:

Thoreau's eulogy written by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Good article on the Grimke sisters:

A History of slavery from National Geographic:

Article on Dorothea Dix, mental health reformer:

William Lloyd Garrison's reaction to the 13th Amendment:

Good article on Alice Paul:

Southern newspapers react to Harpers Ferry:

Great resource on women's rights reformers from National Women's History Museum:


Introduction video on causes for tension between North and South:

Civil War-

A good overall interactive map on the different eras of the war:


Quick overview of Reconstruction with solid links to separate Reconstruction topics: