Kinard Technology

Tim McGonagil

Room #510/511

ph# 970-488-5467

March 30 - April 17 Remote Learning opportunities.

Boy are we in difficult times right now. Those of us who are introverts simply say "social distancing - we have been practicing for this moment our whole lives!" Those of us who are more out-going are simply wondering when this nightmare is going to end. All I can say is do all you can to stay healthy - get exercise and plenty of fresh air, follow the CDC guidelines for keeping this virus at bay and enjoy your family time.

As far as learning during this time goes, we are all new at this. I have sent emails describing what my goals are for you, but know that they may change. After all, I learn more from students than I could ever teach you! Keep the ideas coming and let me hear your voice - just like we were still in the classroom.

Please check your Google Classrooms every day you would normally have class. Here is a link to the ODD/EVEN calendar. I will provide you with information regarding enhanced learning opportunities through Google Classroom.

Google Code for Intro to Technology Students - rpa7tcj

Google Code for Entrepreneurship Students - tpzxziu

If you do not have internet access, but can check email on occasion, let me know and I will forward you what you need to know through email and work with you on opportunities for enhanced learning.

We are in this together!

Stay healthy and get outside and get some fresh air!!!


If you need my One-on-One help, send me an email and we can schedule a time to create a Google Doc and chat together to solve the problem.

The Design Cycle

We will start every project with a problem. Decide where on the Design Cycle you need to begin solving the problem and then dive in