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Greetings & Salutations!

Hello! I'm Liz and I teach social studies at Polaris! Currently, I am teaching US History, World Geography, American Humanities, and CREW.

This site is designed to help you navigate remote learning by providing you a launchpad for each of your classes. On each COURSE PAGE, you'll be able to find an introduction to the course and the Google Classroom code that you'll need to joint the class! Your assignments and the resources that you need to complete them will all be distributed via Google Classroom.

The RESOURCES section houses general resources by social studies subject area that may be useful (or just interesting!) to you. I will continue to add to these pages over time - consider them to be an ever-evolving!

Parents + Guardians! Welcome! Unfortunately, the codes on Google Classroom won't allow you to join, but I can add you to the "Guardian Portal" if you aren't already - this provides an email summary connected to the assignments in each class. On each course page, you'll be able to find the weekly review + check in slides and video if you're interested.

Please send me an email ( if you have questions or are in need of help or clarification.

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